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Recomp with Test Prop

Current stats are
-5”9 182 lbs 15%percent bodyfat
-bench 275x5
-deadlift 505x5
Squat 405x5

Was possibly going to do a 6 week test prop only cycle but was wondering getting down to 175-178 at 10% bodyfat possible. So in other words with test prop only at probably 500 mg a week is it possible to add some lbm while losing fat? This will be my first cycle, and I would bulk for it, but have to stay in a certain weight class for my sport. Also adding some strength would be nice. Was wondering if 6 weeks of test prop would be worth it to reach this goal.


Yeah, it’s possible without steroids so you should be able to do it with.

In 6 weeks to lose 5 percent and maintain weight and basically gain 6-8 pounds possible naturally? While dropping some weight? I doubt it? Maybe for a newb.

You can drop 7lbs I. 6 weeks very easily.

Don’t expect to add much, if any, muscle

Yeah every time I cut to a low bodyfat I end up at like 166-167 9-10% bodyfat. Was wondering with my first cycle instead of a traditional bulk or cut. I could recomp. So basically adding muscle on a cut with my cycle.

Anyways I am gonna run it. Hopefully I get a decent recomp and if anything gain some decent strength gains while losing fat.