Recomp Diet for Summer

Hi guys, I wanna know what do you-all think about my diet for get a recomp for start to get lean for summer.

I wanna make 12 weeks of 250 Test with 50 days of 20mg anavar.

I’m 20 yo, 83kg and 180cm. 13-15% BF


I stay with low carb because if not I retain liquid, i think I’m carb sensitive and my glucose goes up in bloodwork to 100

Anything to make better?

You can lower fats to .66g/kg (or lower, if you stay on test) as your hormone production will be mostly taken care of by test.

If you do this, I would replace those fats with more carbs.

I also wouldn’t call this a “recomp” however. If your stats are accurate (i don’t care if they are or aren’t) then recomping isn’t the right call for you. Go for a legitimate cut.

I’m with 3200-3400kcal for mantain weight, so 2700kcal is a light deficit. My goal is maintain the same weight ±82-83kg, but clean fat asf. Try to low to 10%, then maintain the % BF at pct and in the next cycle, go hard and get 7-8% BF

10 weeks with 250 T and 50 days with 20mg anavar, 6 weeks of pct, 4 weeks natural, then 12 weeks of 250 T, 200 primo, 20mg anavar for 6 weeks, 2 weeks without orals, then add 30mg winny… How do u see it?

I don’t go up with carbs because, as I said, I retain a lot of liquid… i think im carb sensitive.

Just some random comments…

  • As @Andrewgen_Receptors mentioned, “recomps” rarely work. I understand that, because you will be using steroids, the likelihood of being able to add some muscle while leaning out is greater than if you were natural. At the doses you are talking about it still going to make a recomp fairly ineffective, at least to get the look that you want.

  • Typically those who estimate their body fat to be 13-15% are underestimating how much fat they really have. They normally are closer to 18-20%. Without providing a picture it is hard to know how good (or bad) your estimation is. But I like to post this picture of myself and a friend of mine to put body fat % age in perspective:

13% isn’t far off from 10%. Ask yourself this: if you lose 2.4kg (3%) will your level of leanness by the same as in the pics? If not, then you are over 13%, and probably over 15%. Then again, you might truly be 13-15% but without seeing a picture it’s hard to say.

  • When planning a 12-weeks cut, all you can do is select the starting point. The same caloric intake might not work as well after 4-6 weeks of dieting. You will likely need to make adjustments along the way.

  • You did not gave us a diet to critique, you gave us a macro distribution. It’s not the same thing. While I do believe that caloric and protein intakes are the most important factors in fat loss, other elements like meal timing, food selection and food combinations do have an impact and often, it’s those little details that matter the most when trying to reach a ripped physique.


What kind of carbs are we talking about? I used to believe that about myself too, but it was more the type of food that I was eating that was the problem, not the carbs themselves.

Carbs will make you retain fluids, but typically inside the muscles because carbs are stored with water in the muscles (3g of water for each gram of carbs stored as muscle glycogen). If you have subcutaneous water retention from carbs, it is most likely an inflammatory response to the food you ingested. Or that the food has a high sodium content or that you have a degree of intolerance to that food.

Try eating most of your carbs from fruits, I’m pretty sure that you won’t retain much water.

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If by fluid you mean glycogen, sure.

Drinking water makes you retain fluid too.

“Retaining fluid” is a term people use to describe carrying too much fat in their body. If you had less bodyfat, you would retain less fluid - something you’re correcting by leaning out.

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In this post, you can see actual photos from my bulking and my last cutting phase.

Recomps works totally good for me the last year. Check the post i sent u up. I keep during 18 weeks the same kcal, just changing carbs for more protein and adding more NEAT and cardio.

Here u got a diet to critique. :grinning:

That’s what a lot of people said me, but I did some tests with my body. The last summer I was lean, so I tried to went up with my carbs using the same kcal and in one week my abs went invisible, lol. Just cutted off my carbs and the abs out again.

Anyway I checked my HbA1c and it’s good. My normal range of glucose is 74, but in my last 2 bloodworks I got 99 :thinking:

Idk how to play with the carb timing… I still thinking I’m carb sensitive, so I need help with my macros timing…