Recomp Cycle

Big fan of what you are doing here. Extremely beneficial and SMART,especially for the guys new to this…

I’m a 44 yr old ex pro football player. I played in the 315-330 ranges at 6’5". Retired 11 yrs. ago. Since then, through various diet/training styles, I’ve gotten down to as low as 240’s and sub 10% at times.

Currently, I’m 265, and would guess by the old eyeball test, around the 20% bf range.

Some injuries(arthritis in elbows/sterno-clavicular arthritis) have kept me from hitting weights ashard as I like. Nutrition has been not like I usually do things, thus increased fat in abs obviously.

I’ve been back to eating properly, and have been doing high protein, higher fat, keto diet with good results. I plan on adding carbs back in around workouts when bf levels come back down, and even toying with some carb back loading when time is right. I’ve had success with cycling carbs in past, and actually did GREAT when I did IF diet.

I plan on running a cycle, but as recomp style cycle, and I was wondering what you would recommend with the goal of losing bf and retaining/gaining(if possible) lean mass?

Also, you should know, I have over 20 yrs of AAS, but unfortunately, relied on “bro-scince” for much of that time, and only within recent years have become “smarter” in the game. Truth be told, I was never happy with my results, or never got to where I thought I should be due to improper dieting, training, etc, except for a few times, I thought I nailed it.(the reason why I am such a fan of you and the service you do here!!!).

Also, I am on hrt(androgel) and gh therapy(.06 iu/day), prescribed by my endo. Any post cycle therapy when on the “extra” would also interest me.

I train basic. Squats/deads/press/bench/chins dips. Use assistance exercises to improve those major lifts. I guess more “power” than BB as for me, it seems to allow me to retain more muscle when trying to lose bf.

Anyways, I apologize for this ginormous post. Just trying to put it all together…the right way.

To recap, suggestions for recomp cycling. Test/tren a my favorites, but will do as you suggest. Pretty much anything is accessable. EOD inj are doable, but if I could get away with less pinning, I would.

(I’m a dumbass with technology, but can try to send pics:)