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Recomp Cycle Underway, Guidance Needed


New to the forum and know this might not seem delieverable but pretty cagey about fitness goals and train alone. Things getting a little crazy, so some guidance from the experienced would really help!

Feb 2019 - 123kg @ ~32% BF
Feb 2020 - 72.3kg @ ~17% BF

Have run a calorie deficit at 1500-1800 cal daily for 9 months. Proteins @ 1.75g per pound.

Last 11 months- Huge amounts of walking before settling into 200 cal cardio daily + lifting 8 reps @ 60% 1RM max.

Mon - Arms
Tue - Chest
Wed - Back
Thur - Triple Cardio and Triceps
Fri - Legs
Sat - Arms
Sun - Chest

During this time 2x 3M cycles of RAD, S4, SR9009 & MK677 with PCT and gap between. MK677 & SR is still ongoing with a 2 week break a couple months back.

Supplementing on Mens Multi, Fish Oil, Hueperzine A, Berocca, Ginseng, Modaf, Magnesium, Aminos, Choline, & Taurine.

During this time sustained, bursitis in right shoulder, tendonitis in elbows, torn right hammy.

Last 4 week’s- In the last 4 weeks, 1000 cal per day to cut down in time for a fitness challenge 50% to completion progress results. Generally eating 1500-2000 cal per day with no lifting other than bodyweight hold for 45min straight. Also 500-1200 cal cardio per day. Almost all injuries fully recovered with weekly cryo.

Will up cal to 1900 and stop cardio from Monday. Test commences in 48 hours with protocol as follows-

  • Week 1 – 125mg/0.5CC
  • Week 2 – 250mg/1CC
  • Week 3 – 375mg/1.5CC
  • Week 4 – 500mg/2CC
  • Week 5 – 500mg/2CC
  • Week 6 – 375mg/1.5CC
  • Week 7 – 250mg/1CC
  • Week 8 – 125mg/0.5CC
  • Week 9-10: Cleanse
  • Week 10-13 - 50mg/day Clomid
  • Arimidex 25mg EOD

Mk677 and SR9009 to continue @ 1mg/mL & 3x .3mg/.3mL daily.

Diet will continue to comprise mainly of turkey, kangaroo, shirataki noodles , yoghurt, berries, mix Veg, other various High protein balanced meals & Walden Farms :yum:. Planning to add more complex carbs for glycogen needs.

Supplement on Casein +, ON Hydrowhey, Caged Recaged.

Any suggestions on how to tweak the plan and train most effectively to maximise the gains? Training every day is do-able but may not be appropriate as new to bulking side of recomp on TRT. Goal would be to drop close to 1.5-2kg more of the fat and gain some noticeable lean size in tris, bis and back (mainly lats and delts).

You guys are awesome, definite inspiration to the journey so far.

Increase cycle length

I advocate tapering up… though I don’t see tapering down to be necessary

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You’ve come a long way, congrats! I would say as you begin to change your goals (putting on muscle vs losing fat), you will likely realize you need to change things a bit. Lifting 24 of 28 days is a lot. It can be done, but the volume per workout should be lowered. Given your low calories and working out 6 days straight (essentially 7), i would imagine it will be more difficult to put on lean muscle, especially in a timely manner.

I don’t know your TDEE, or how active you are, or how tell you are, just listing possible things to think about.

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Was not expecting to read that today.


Thanks man, I figured I will ease back into lifting 6 days and then see how long I can maintain the intensity for. Might switch between 6 day muscle isolated 1 week and then 4 day group muscles the following.

My TDEE is hard to calculate since the workouts are changing and lifting is hard to measure but maintenance at sedentary would be 2100 cal, light active outside gym. 176cm tall.

Do you suggest 8W or 12W? Taper up to 500mg the hold that till EOC?

Pre and post bloodwork is a go, weekly doc check ups too.

Maintaining the intensity isn’t the issue. I can maintain a pretty high intensity for 2 hour workouts daily, 7 days a week. I love the gym. However I have to force myself to take days off, as days off are advantageous if you’re pushing yourself hard on gym days.

Now I’m not super knowledgeable on just exactly how much more you can train effectively while on Test, only speaking in general.

Again, congrats on how far you’ve come.