Recomp Cycle - Looking for a Good Combo

I am planning on doing a Recomp cycle. Currently at 192lbs and 18%bf. I will continue to cut down slightly over the next 10 weeks prior to the cycle. (I have an international trip coming so I, waiting after I am back).

First off, I know diet and training are more important than the compounds, and feel good about where I am at in that regard, however, I plan to really tighten up my diet now and until after the cycle (even more so than it is). This will be my 4th cycle, however, it’s been about 9 years. I did not have many sides to anything I used. Test, Masteron, Anavar, Tbol, low dose Tren (some sides) are all compounds I have used over 3 cycles.

So now for the questions. I was thinking this initially but just not sure, again recomp is the goal.
Weeks 1-15 500mg Test E
Weeks 1-8 40mg Tbol

With that being said I have looked at sdrol 10mg for 3-4 weeks or epistane 40mg for 6 weeks as an alternative. Most of the damn posts on here are oral-only cycles so not the best information as that would be something I would never do.

I also would consider adding an additional injectable but don’t want to pin over 2ml x 2 a week for personal reasons.

I have Aromasin, Caber, HCG, Nolva, Clomid, Carderine, Tudca, and Milk Thistle, already stockpiled for the next 2 cycles. (I like to be prepared)

So what are some suggestions? Tren is not something I want to consider.

Were you training during this period?

Not sure what posts you’re reading, but most of what I’ve seen are injectables; many here are oral-adverse.

No, not training all 9 years in between. TBH I fell into depression after I got out of the Army, I went through the 18x program and was in Special Forces. Didn’t know how to adjust to civilian life. So I didn’t lift much for some years. Been very stable for 5 years as far as that and been training to be healthy in general but not bodybuilding. Have been training for bodybuilding consistently for about a year but as you can imagine I had a really good base, more so than the average guy. I’m older now. I am 38 and not looking to be some crazy bodybuilder. I am just doing this for myself and my goals.

I did a search on Epistane and like 50% of the searches came back as oral only (recent ones). For obvious reasons, I would never consider that. So just didn’t find it viable information. Same with Sdrol.

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Well, yeah - both are most commonly oral compounds lol.

You’re looking for Test Enthanate and Turinabol, you shouldn’t find anything oral for Test E but TBol is likely.

The cycle you mentioned sounds fine IMO, it’s been a while for you so starting off with fewer compounds makes sense to me.

P.S transitioning out of the military is hard for a lot of folks. Prior POG Marine here, but I think @idaho has some SF background if you want to stick around these parts more =)

Thanks Brother, I appreciate the words. Yeah was an adjustment, to say the least, but don’t regret it at all. I figured there would be others on here. Good to know some people out there know where I am coming from.

Yeah, there is just a ton of conflicting opinions on cycles all over the web. Some say Tbol is weak, some say legit, some say epistane is weak some say not at all. No one says Sdrol is weak :laughing:

So hard to gauge what to do for the best bang for the buck/sides. My source does have independent lab tests/user lab tests for legitimacy. So I feel as confident as I can on strength/ how legit they are.


Much respect for doing it properly man.

IMO, Tbol is a nice add on to Testosterone. For me, what it does is improve gym performance. Mostly increasing reps I can do by a couple. That doesn’t sound like much, but I found that while on Tbol with Test, I could consistently do this, where with just Test it wasn’t always there.

It probably won’t blow you up in size, but if you get stronger, that is likely resulting in muscle mass.

Nice. Fair enough. Not looking to blow up. Slower and steady gains are what I’m interested in. I’d be happy with gaining 10-12lbs total on cycle (hopefully keepable gains) and dropping 2-3% BF… That would be ideal for my personal goals.

Any injectable that would stack well? I don’t feel I am lean enough for Masteron to show… EQ?

I would be too haha. That is a pretty tough goal IMO, unless you don’t have much muscle mass currently, or have some top tier genetics.

Have you thought about cutting first, then using the cycle to put back on muscle mass that you lost cutting, plus some more? I think that has a higher chance of success than trying to gain muscle while losing fat. Would take longer though. Even if we go with the lower numbers you listed, you are gaining 10 lbs of lean tissue, while cutting off 4 lbs of fat. That isn’t easy even with drugs. Maybe if you went full boar on the drugs (I’d have to use Tren to have a shot) you could do that in a reasonable time frame (typical cycle length). You won’t hold a lot of water while cutting, which I believe is attributed to “mass” in a lot of cycles. Guys that say they gain 20 lbs, usually drop 10 lbs in a week or two off (water weight). They were eating in surplus, so some of their 10 lbs is fat too.

I haven’t done any other injectables. Only Test.

Depending on what you decide to do, growth hormone might be something to research (I haven’t done it). I’d do Test and HGH before adding Mast.

Lots of this is just opinion.

I appreciate it. I hear you on that. I know that probably is a hard goal to hit. I will keep cutting prior to the start. Not sure where I will get on that. Cutting is and has always been tough. The only time I was ripped was in my days in the service but was kind of hard not to be about 12% at that time. Now I am a desk jockey so, although I am fit I am not ripped.

I think I’ll just stick with cutting before cycle, Test, and Tbol as stated above then cut afterward. Not a fan of adding another compound atm. Would rather stick with one inj. one oral.

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If you gain 10lbs of lean body weight and don’t lose any fat, you will have dropped about 1% body fat.

With pretty good genetics and some muscle mass that you have “pawned” from previous AAS cycles, I believe that goal is attainable with most any moderate cycle (500mg/wk)

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That is a good point. If OP was bigger at one point, the goal is achievable. The math is also favorable when getting heavier for BF%.

Yeah at the peak I was 210 at 12%bf. Miss those days…

Super good point… I just watch a podcast on this. Will have to look up which one as that is what I do all day in the background at work. I think it was MPMD.

I plan on posting a log on the forum so stay tuned. But again 10 weeks out after my international travel coming up.

With those past numbers and you are capable to train optimally, I think you can easily gain 12 or so pounds and drop 2 or 3% body fat in a 12 week cycle

I’d use half this amount for a “recomp”. I like the Tbol tho, use it longer

So you want to do this mythical “recomp” but dont want to take the only steroid that at least at the urban legend level offers some of the benefits for this in theory.

Anyways, what pro bodybuilders do, when they say or look that they did recomp is they continue to cut but they double the steroid doses, which make them “blow up” and look bigger while actually losing fat.
In reality, your recomp will be either super inefficient cut, or painfully slow bulk.
Tren is supposed to be able to burn fat while not in a caloric deficit but im not sure its true or it would be used in medicine for that.
GH is also known to burn fat directly. I believe in this, but again - medical studies have shown that its not that big of a deal to actually use it for that.

Now if one would to attempt this unrealistic goal - test/tren + GH + Cardarine would be my pick. Even with this it will probably end up in a shitty cut and time lost, or pointlessly slowly bulked few lbs in that huge amount of time.
I am yet to see an average Joe to get noticably bigger AND leaner in 10 weeks if he hasnt been off the gym for years and seriously undertrained and fat.

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