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Recomp Cycle Help

Ok new to the forum need some cycle advice. I have experience with test, deca, tren, tbol, dbol, and npp. This will be my 9th cycle I’m 36 years old 6’2” at 215 currently sitting at about 18%BF due to injury/surgery. I’m thinking about running Primobolan for the first time @600-700mg a week with low test @300 for 15-16 weeks aromasin 12.5mg eod with maybe some anavar @ 50mg ed the last few weeks on cycle bridging to PCT to help recomp and heal without a lot of sides. My question is, is primo a good candidate or should I use something else. I get pretty estrogenic and my hair thins like crazy on tren so I’m scared of mast cycle will be followed by standard PCT any help will be appreciated.

Also is primo really faked as much as people say

That’s probably an excellent cycle. And primo is absolutely faked as often as people say. When you can charge twice as much for it there’s a real motivated reasoning behind selling a cheaper blend and calling it primo.

Thanks man I’ve wanted to try primo for a while I think I’m going to finally pull the trigger, I think I’m going to get half and test it to see if it’s legit while I’m getting my BF down so if I get burned it’s not for a grip of $$$