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Recomp Cycle for the Summer

Hey, need some feedback on a cycle idea. Im 28yo 179lbs, around 11% bodyfat and 5ft 11”.

Lost 20lbs due to celiac disease, shoulder and a knee injury.

Looking to recomp this summer. ive ran 3 cycles before. One 500 test only, then test deca 500/400 and a test e tren e anadrol 500/400 / 50mg a day.

This is the cycle im planning:

Anadrol 50mg day for 50days
Test E 500mg/wk 1-15wk
Equipoise 500mg/wk 1-15wk
Tren E 200mg/wk 5-10wk
Masteron E 500mg/wk 5-10wk

PCT: HGC 500iu M/W/F
Clomid 100mg a day
Nolvadex 40mg a day

Its a pretty hefty cycle when adding the low dose tren. Would like some improvement ideas or feedback what do you think? What would you change?

Looking to gain a lot of muscle, clean eating and carb cycling. Training 5 days a week and doing kickboxing 3 times a week.

Thanks for the replies!

I think what you are looking for is a lean bulk since you are already lean.

I think the drugs are overkill. Since you have lost 20 lbs, you are likely going to get easy gains. At your stats, you have room to grow as well.

How about Test and EQ? Test and Mast? Test and Tren? I don’t think you need 5 compounds. I think 2-3 is more than enough. If you insist on Tren, and 3 compounds, then I would do Test, Mast and Tren. Many people love that cycle.

If you are looking to stay lean looking, I would suggest a different oral. Tbol or Anavar would be the go to choices.

Cut the EQ entirely. You add that with the mast and you’re just begging for low e2, in both number and feels.

At 11% you have no reason to recomp. You can just straight up bulk and still end up at 13-14% at the end. Test/tren/drol should be plenty good enough for what you want. I would think it’s overkill, but I’m more conservative. Since you’ve got some experience with tren you know your response better than any of us will.

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Being a PCT guy you should not use EQ. Other than that the other two covered it.

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Good point. Who wants to wait 6-8 weeks to run PCT.

Ok thanks to everyone for the feedback. You are propably right about the overkill. My friend suggested to add EQ to the stack.

I might just run it without tren and anadrol and maybe throw S-23 sarm or TBOL

so would look like this :
S-23 or TBOL kickstart
Test E 500mg/wk for 15weeks

after 5 weeks add

Tren E 200mg/week
Masteron E 500mg/week.

Really looking to go low on the tren and not run masteron the whole cycle since i wont be lean enough to see it until the latter half of the cycle.

And no for a PCT guy, is EQ that suppressive or just the long ester chain?

It’s the ester length. Although to be fair you’re already going to attempt pct with tren, whose metabolites can stick around for months, so it’s not that much more of an issue, all things being equal.

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Thank you for the good input. So ditch the EQ go test masteron and tren. Last time i ran 30ml of tren e in total. now cutting that down to 10ml to stay clear of sides and less suppression. still a bit of a gamble running tren always