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Recomp Cycle for Lineman

Hey guys! Just finishing up an ostarine run, going to start pct in a week or two. I ran a test e 500/wk 8 wk cycle first, made some good gains but nothing too crazy. Wanted your guys opinions on a recomp cycle for a d lineman! I’m 285 at the moment, squat 440 dead 510 bench 340, looking to cut down to 270 ish whilst gaining a bit of muscle, although honestly strength isn’t my problem, I just need to get more agile. Don’t flame me for saying this but I was thinking about test p 200/wk and tren a 200/wk up to 500/wk depending on sides for maybe 8-10 weeks. I want to stay away from winny bc of joints, and var is super hard to find. I’ve heard some good things about EQ, but honestly tren would fit my needs pretty well as long as it doesnt fuck up my tendons. I would probably take cardarine with the tren in order to keep my cardiovascular endurance. Nothing with a super long detection time like deca.


You could accomplish your goals without the tren but let’s stick to what your asking.

Tren is probably the best recomp drug there is. Does this mean it’s right for you? I don’t know only one way to find out.

Stay away from sarms.

There’s some other things you will need to have when running tren. So do some more research before you take that leap because I dint see you mentioning them.

I’m not new haha, I know about prolactin management and ai’s I literally researched for a year before I took the leap even on that 500mg test cycle.

Why do you say stay away from Sarms?

And any opinions on stuff other than tren that will help my explosiveness and recomp? Especially without ligament/tendon damage!

this is your 1RM lift at 285 pound and you don’t want to increase strenght anymore ?

Ok so it’s hard for me to speak to much on this i have never run tren. The information im giving is based on research and a few buddies who run tren like it’s God’s gift.

You have the right idea with keeping the test low (at a heavy trt dose) there is no need to run high test on a tren cycle in my opinion. Your getting all the androgenic and anabolics properties you need from the tren. The test is just to keep you from being suppressed. Iv been told to run a dht alongside tren, masteron is a popular choice. Im sure you know why that’s why I’m suprised I didn’t see it mentioned or atleast something like caber or prami mentioned. Those are usually considered part of a tren cycle package.

As far as sarms go let me ask you. Give me 1 reasons why any one particular sarm is better than steroids. (besides the “they are legal and you don’t have to inject them”)

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To do this/bascially lose 15lbs gear is totally unnecesary, especially as a young guy. Run this and ask Thib some questions in his subforum…

IME cardarine actually good stuff and fine to try. Much safer than proper sarms like ostarine

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Eh it’s been proven to cause cancer in rats and destroy liver cells. Along with a few other reasons i probably wouldn’t call it “good stuff” but I agree it has less Negative sides as some of the others

Dont want to start arguing but these claims have been debunked here on the forums/ credible studies etc several times. Off the top of my head the rats were given the equivlaent of like 400mg/40 X the standard dose

But yeah nothing hormonal needed at all for easy recomp like this. Just the least bad option he mentioned

They really weren’t. HED is a formula and it’s not just “hey what did the rats take? Ok multiply that by human size”. You can use whatever you’d like, but don’t simply make things up to justify it. A major pharma company halted trials of a drug that helps people lose weight which, and I’m just estimating here, would have been worth $2,000,000,000/yr. They don’t usually run that fast from a cash cow unless they know it has zero chance of approval.


Always looking to get stronger @bigmax it never hurts! It’s just that the main thing holding me back right now is my agility and weight, not neccesarily my strength.

@zeek1414 yeah I’ve heard low test high tren is the way to go. And interesting about the masteron, although I feel like if I did that in addition to the tren everybody would know that I did a cycle. And for the sarms honestly i wasn’t impressed at all, it was mostly a waste of money just a few extra reps like being on a natty bulk but I was very slowly recomping, won’t be doing them again.

@RampantBadger I just tried cardarine at 20mg/day and it didn’t do much for my fat loss past the first few weeks, it just made my cardio double in a week. I feel like you lose weight on it not by the cardarine itself, but by the extra conditioning you can do.

And would you guys recommend prami or caber? Seen quite a bit of stuff on both of them but not sure which one to go for.

Masteron is probably gonna have zero effect on your appearance at your stats. I promise you tho if you run a successful test/tren cycle it’s gonna be very obvious you did a cycle.

This tends to be a personal choice. You have groups that swear by both for separate reasons. Usually it comes down to which one you tolerate better. I believe caber is generally handled better by people altho I think it’s the costlier option

Let me just say one more time. Your goal your trying to meet can EASILY be done without the use of AAS. And if you do use tren I hope you don’t have to many practices etc that’s gonna be hell

@zeek1414 No practices during the summer, was thinking about adding in 10mg/day of cardarine to help out my cardio.

Thanks for the knowledge my man, although I am pretty set on doing it since albeit small there is a chance that I make the league, talking to some scouts already. Just have to keep on grinding. You see some people walking around in college who are like 6’4-6’5 280 with a fuckin 6 pack, 630 squat 500 bench, no way in hell they are natural lol. Granted they are 4 years older than me, but they are my competition I gotta find a way to get to the next level.

Assuming my diet is locked in, how much fat would I be expected to lose w/ 200mg test e and 500mg tren per week on a 10 week cycle at like 21% body fat?

A lot of people get on athletes who use AAS. I’m not one of those people. I’m a realist in the sense that I’m sure the majority of professional athletes use and as you said if you have any chance of making it your right AAS will def help. So I understand your mindset completely.

A LOT! I’m not big into speculating. Your diet and training will dictate exactly what you accomplish.

Have you looked into clen and t3 for fat loss?

This may be harder than you think. I’ve run tren twice and it made me crazy with hunger. My blood sugar would drop and I’d get nauseous and I’d end up eating a giant bowl of cereal! LOL

Tren can also cause anxiety and other mental effects plus terrible night sweats. Hell, I ruined a set of sheets on it. Also, my wife HATED me on it so its now the forbidden fruit.

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What dose did you run?

Regardless of scale numbers did you notice a drop in BF using tren?

Tren did quiet a decent job at leaning me out last year and my diet was shit (Afghanistan) I couldn’t eat enough. What it did do, besides give me terrible night sweats like @studhammer mentioned, was it killed my cardio…stairs were not my friend. I would hate to think about playing a sport while on it.


Its been a couple of years ago but I think I was running 400/week. I did lose BF but I mostly remember that it made me feel like I was 18 again and very aggressive and pumped up and HUNGRY all the freaking time


I did notice some pretty wicked back pumps that were annoying. They went away with 10-15 minutes after my workouts though so they weren’t the end of the world. The aggression in the gym was nice as it seemed I was able to lift more and more by the week. It might be scary for somoen with poor self control though.

My middle name! :joy:


Thanks everyone! Pretty sure I’m going to end up running 200mg/wk test p and 500mg/wk tren a, shots every 2 days, for 8-10 weeks depending on sides, probably not going to run an AI and just stick with caber. I do have some issues with high blood pressure so we will see how this goes.

Although I am a bit curious about some of the mental side effects of tren, I’ve heard stuff ranging from horrible anxiety and paranoia, all the way up to it made them an unstoppable badass lol.
Anyone have any input on the aggression/mental sides from tren?