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Recommended Use

I was just thinking and wondered. Say you have a product thats a natural test or growth hormone booster or w.e it may be. What could be the pros and cons of say doubling the recommended use. so if it was like 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night you did 2 and 2. Obviously it would be harder on your liver but what else could it effect and is it possible that you could obtain better results? I mean i don’t think you would over dose (or maybe you would idk i havn’t tried lol)

I mean it obviously depends product to product. Some products aren’t going to work at any dose
Some products only work at a certain dose
Some products are better at higher doses with few sides
Some products have higher sides in higher doses.

Sorry that doesn’t help but be more specific ab the product.

Shit man, if one is good, ten must be GRRRRRRRRREAT!

And if 10 is great…

Darwin award in the making

If you’re going to double the use of legal test boosters, why not get a couple vials of far more effective real (illegal) testosterone?

The price would be maybe 2x as much, but the gains would probably be worth it.

Keep us updated on your results. Whatever they may be.

If there was any chance that doubling the dose was more effective, then I’m sure the manufacturer would recommend it, as you would use their product twice as fast and spend twice the money.

Why do you think they recommend a specific dosage? Of course some recommendations are far off (like vitamin B, C and D in my country in example), but I guess they would make sense when speaking of hormone affecting products.
Make sure you know what is gonna happen before you experiment on yourself.

^i guess they want you to get bad results.