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Recommended TRT Program?

Just got some test results back:
T: 238.0
SHBG: 45

Body stats:
12% BF
33 waist
Workout 4-5 days/wk usually train one muscle group/day for about an hr.
I stay fairly trim with light cardio.
I hold a little fat in my lower belly, rest of my body is fairly lean.
I eat when I’m hungry. No read meat, mostly chicken and fish, brown rice & veggies diet. I get fats mostly from coconut oil, olive oil and butter.
1-2 protein shakes per day.
Multi vit + DHA + D3
Light facial hair
Very little body hair
Basically no prescriptions ever, no health issues now or in the past.
Did one cycle of deca + test 20yrs ago and overall it just wasnt for me. I like feeling natural. Not big on tons of flavored and colored supplements.
I use a cup of coffee as preworkout stim.
I cycle creatine.
Got a decent panel of bloodwork done for life insurance 2yrs ago and every level was in the green zone. I should probably retest soon. Only thing I’ve significantly changed since that test is no red meat.
Sex drive is less than it used to be, but it’s still there. Erections happen easily and they are rock hard.
I’m looking to get the drive I used to have in the gym and keep my hardbody. I feel like Im starting to go downhill a little bit and I dont want that slippery slope to get too deep.

My test results say T normal range is 400.0 - 1200.0
SHBG Normal Range 15.0 - 50.0

Happy with my SHBG level, would like to increase my T to something a little more at normal levels (Would that be 500-750?).

I’m looking to do this without a doctor.
What is the recommended dose and frequency of T and other things I should be taking/doing to get started on a good TRT regimen?

Is fertility an issue? Do you want kids? How old are you? How is your sleep and stress?

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Why without a doctor? It’s going to be better for your overall health to find a good trt doc.

under ground labs are incosistent. Trying to dial in a dose is mind numbing painful and you might
Not be able to get the product. One day 200mg/1ml is 180 and then 250 and then 220… it varies . This shits made in makeshift labs and garages and etc.

You need to do a ton more research and education . This will make one realize why free t is important before trying to do this on your own.

I wouldn’t go cheap on my health.

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Sure your levels are low and you may very well be suboptimal and live a healthy lifestyle, but you need a doctor to monitor you closely.

It would be interesting to see where Free T levels sit, the fact that you have no trouble with erections at these levels with SHBG on the higher end is nothing short of amazing!

This tells me you are very sensitive to androgens and may need only mid normal testosterone levels to be optimal.

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It happens, I know a guy in the 100s total and of course free very low. Claims he and the wife are going at it three times a day. He’s in his 50s too.

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Great questions guys!
Forgot to mention I’m 39.
I already have 3 kids and a vasectomy.
Ive had bad experience with doctors in the past on other minor issues and dont want to bother shopping around to filter out the idiots. I plan to get meds from the most reliable Mexican pharmacy I can find. Its only an hr from me.
I would agree and suspect I am probably sensitive to adros as I am to most things.

I’ve seen guys coming in at a Total T of 183 and hypersexual, no symptoms. Probably has some seriously sensitive receptors and doesn’t require up much testosterone to achieve optimal.

Do you have more lab results that you can post?

I would bet at least half the TRT guys in any given gym are doing it underground. Probably most doing OK but the cost is not that much more or even less to do it correctly.

Yep, a lot of moving parts to consider.

How long ago was this vasectomy and how long have you noticed lower libido?

Reason I ask is vasectomies are known to lower testosterone in some men.

True. My wife wont F me nearly as much as Id like to, but I can shoot multiples and it reloads with almost no down time. I think it might run in the family. My brother mentioned he has the same “problem”. My dad is super old, but he said he can still get it up no problem without meds. His T has to barely anything based on his body atrophy.
That being said, I am nervous about getting on TRT as I really like how hard I get and having the ability to go twice if necessary. I imagine it’s impossible to predict what will happen, but I would be very bummed if that went away and I couldnt bring it back.

Vasectomy was done 3 years ago. Lowered libido beginning of this year.

@highpull I took a T test from Thorne Research. All they give you is T & SHBG level.

Let’s get her labs………………………

If you are going to do this on your own, get the following:

free T4
free T3
total test
free test

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Here are some things that may affect your testosterone levels and sex drive.

Damn. I didnt think to get her labs done, but I guaran-fing-tee her levels are out of wack. When I do finally get her to give it up, she will always cum and sometimes twice, but her libido sucks so bad she’s “never in the mood”. Puzzling because we use to go at it like bunnies and if anything we’re more mentally connected now.
Are you suggesting we both get the same labs done? Or are male/female labs different?

Some same and some diff. Has she had her iron checked? How is her sleep? Do either of you snore? How is her diet and weight? Does she strength train?

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I don’t have any issuess. My libido was intact before trt but it was not like I was ready to go on a daily basis, instead It was every 2-4 days where I found the desire. My erectile strength did not get any better when I started t either. It did increase the frequency of my desire though.

So T seems to correlate to libido but not erection quality. For me at least.

Interesting to think about.

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Oh man, we’re going deep here. haha
I think a doc told her a while ago she is low in iron. She snores. Always broken sleep from the kids. Her diet is getting better, but it was pure shit for the past year. She put on 15lbs of fat over the last 1.5yrs. She does not strength train. Pushing her to get to the gym more often to get cardio in. I cannot for the life of me get her to take vitamins on a regular basis.

Well you have your answer. Her libido is waning because she isnt taking care of herself. Get her a sleep study and fix the snoring. Just that will increase her energy, self confidence, and with that possibly her libido. Low iron will cause her to tire easily. If she does have an iron deficiency then she really needs to supplement. My wife has an iron deficiency and loses a LOT of blood every month through menstruation. She needs to take a daily iron pill or she cant make it up a flight of stairs without pausing. This is all monitored by her doc as should your wife’s.

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Assuming privatemd is the way to go. Is there a certain panel on there I should get?