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Recommended Taurine Dose

I have seen taurine (or taurine containing products) recommended here and there for brain/nerve stimulation and/or nervous system recovery. In that same vein I’ve seen it recommended for adrenal fatigue recovery.

Anyone have recommendations for when and in what quantities I should take taurine? My main intent is to recover from fatigue and prevent overtraining/other stress from causing further fatigue while I am recovering.

I wouldn’t be confident at all that it’s going to do all that, but, 3 grams a day is a suitable dose, whether at one time or divided across the day.

In contrast, a 5 gram dose, for example, might give you diarrhea.

The health benefits to the heart, immune system, control of blood sugar (if an issue), and possibly avoiding macular degeneration are serious benefits, but so far as feel and performance enhancement such as improved recovery goes, it’s unlikely to be dramatic. Worth doing, but not dramatic (I’m sorry, I wish it were, but having unrealistic hopes ultimately does not help.)

If a workout day, it might as well be pre-workout for whatever energy boost there is; if not a workout day, timing is probably not important, though who knows there might some little trick such as (I am making this up, it is only an example) taking at 6 PM might, as the effect wears off, result in falling asleep easier or something. But overall the timing seems unlikely to be important and I don’t know it to be important.