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Recommended Supplements?


What do you guys recommend strongly for a guy just looking to be stronger and more athletic. I know most recommend whey protein, fish oils and multi vitamins. I take all of those including a 1000mg vit C supplenment. (dissolve it in water and viola, orange juice)

any one recommend anything else? i dont take anything during or before my workouts. i do not really know what bcaas/amino acids are.



Hi kiddo,
You will have to be more specific about what your training entails.
But I would also consider zinc and magnesium supplements, and maybe some caffeine before you work out.


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A decent diet. Supplements don't do much until your diet is on track.


Vitamin D
Zinc, and Magnesium (ending in "ate")




As was said so far, without knowing your current training and nutrition, or even more specific goals, it's hard to recommend much at all.

However, establishing some workout nutrition is definitely a priority and will probably have the biggest, most noticeable impact right off the bat. Depending on your budget and goals, Surge Recovery would be a basic start, while something like Surge Workout Fuel and/or Anaconda would be more "advanced."


Ok, ill give more info here.

-I work out 4times a week using 5 3 1.
-Ea training session takes about 60mins - 80mins.
-i take whey after I workout.
-i don't have much control over my diet as meals are provided here in the army.
-but I try to eat more than average
-i take one mulltivit in the morn, my vit c(which also has zinc)supplement ard the afternoon and a 1000mg fish oil tab after every meal.
-i also try to do conditioning (running/skipping) about 3times a week and pylos once a week.

Goals: get stronger and more athletic. Put on some more weight.
Is this enough? (:

I know getting bigger/stronger sometimes call for saccrifices in the monetary sense but shipping from the US to singgapore is hella expensive. For instance, I wanted to buy a neck harness and dave tates book of elitefs, total cost came to about a hundred dollars. ): and that isn't even converted to SGD yet. Perhaps you could tell me what categoryy of supps surge recovery falls under and I could see what I can get? Or some good substitutes would be good as well. (:

*btw I've been wondering if water soluble pills are less effective than those yyou haave to swallow/chew?

Bird: I've read that if you take caffeine prior to workouts, you may get "dependent" to the caffiene? I used to take a redbull but after reading that I wasn't too sure anymore. And I'm definitely not a kid. But ill admit I'm not very experienced and am a lil sheltered (:

Sorry if I come of as ignorant but I'm still a newb and I'm willing to learn. Thanks for the replies.


Having a shake after training is okay, but over the last few years, the priority has shifted to having those same nutrients before and/or during your workout for even better results.

If you have limited input on your meals, just be sure your strength keeps increasing in the gym and your bodyweight is increasing each week, and don't make things too crazy (going low carb or avoiding mixed protein/fat/carb meals).

Specific goals would be better, for us and for you. Unless you're shooting for Wendler's "Train to Be Fucking Awesome." In which case, carry on.

Also, what's your current height, weight, and general condition (fat, a 'lil pudgy, kinda lean, ripped like a hymen on prom night?)

Surge Recovery and the other supps I mentioned are available in the store on this site:

But it sounds like the shipping might be a buzzkill. The "closest" you could try to manage would be whey with something like Gatorade.

There should be no dramatic difference with these.

I wouldn't say "dependent" as much as desensitized. There can be potential problems with excessive or chronic caffeine use, just like any other supplement, but overall, a hit of caffeine a few times a week isn't the worst thing in the world.

There was an article on here many, many moons ago (2002) that ended up giving strategic caffeine use a thumbs up, but it did discuss some science-y technical info:


Thank you chris for the. Very informative reply. You say. "Same nutrients before and during workouts" meaning whey protein? And I will definitely be trying out the whey and gatorade mix during my workout.(It was in a article very recently if I rmb)

I'm 1.78m,weigh 75kg up from 60kg a few years ago. I won't say I'm an hardgainer, but majority of us asians(singapore) are definitely not very big/tall/beefy.will skinny fat do?lol.

I do wanna get as strong as I can be and be more explosive/powerful/faster as I play baskwtball and may be taking up a combat sport like judo once I get into university one year from now.

And lol at ripped like a hymen


Oh and I do want to get my weight up to at least 80kg(:


in this site's store they sell BCAAs, nice and inexpensive too. on the product page alone you'll find helpful info on how and why you should use them. (thats in reference to your before/during question on nutrients. )


hey diamond, yea ive heard good stuff about stuff like Flameout and Surge Recovery. however like i mentioned above, shipping costs a bomb. for instance buying something which costs 10-20dollars can come up to about a 100dollars. :confused: but i could still go look at the info on how and why i should use them. thanks!


btw, its said to have a preworkout shake, one during working out (preferbly with something like gatorade powder) and one post workout. does this mean i have to drink 3 shakes? D:


also, ive been reading up one a few threads on creatine, i was wondering if i should take it or its not really important at this point of time (since im still a beginner). after reading, came to a few conclusions:

-helps increase strength levels
-helps you to look "fuller" (though it may be water retention)
-should take 5g pre/post or pre and post workout
-preferble to take it with fruit juice or some sugary drink though its not NEEDED.
-loading is not important.
-take creatine monohydrate, other forms are mostly a load of crap, businesses trying to earn more moolah by adding crap in
-may not work for some ppl?

however some ppl claimed that after they stopped taking creatine, the weight and str gains can be lost. is this true? and is cycling needed?



- Loading is not needed.
- No, you don't need to cycle
- Take 3-5 grams per day (about one level tsp)
- "micronized" creatine monohydrate is the way to go, otherwise it is just crap like you said.
- True it does not work for all people. You should know if it works for you by the initial water gain of about 5 pounds over the first month.
- After you stop taking it you will lose the water retention but the goal is to use the creatine while it is in your system to bang out extra reps and build more muscle then you could have without it.