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Recommended Steroids for Football?


Ok i live in the US and i want to try out an anabolic. somethin like d-bol. i been researching side efects and such. Is there a recomended drug or dosage. I'm currently 5' 8" tall and 160 lbs. I play football but they dont test in my league. Im 27 and have no known health probs. Thank u for any help. I wanna play it safe becuse I've never tried steriods before. recommended

i removed legal lol


lol LEGAL anabolic? uh pro-hormones? look up superdrol clones or halodrol clones...
Dianabol-Methandrostenolone is 100% ILLEGAL in the US


I've never tried any suppliments so i'd just like a recomendation. I C that a lil reading on this site might tell me what i need.


ok I c my mistake just cus i can buy it dont mean its legal.


Read the permanent threads at the top of the page. When you have a general idea of how a first cycle is 'supposed' to look come back and post some specific questions.

5'8 160lbs May I ask what position you play?


May I also ask if you mean soccer when you say "football?"

Or maybe you mean two-hand touch or flag football?


I am all for the smart use of anabolics, once you have earned it.

I highly doubt you have trained long enough or hard enough to be ready for AAS yet.

Is your diet perfect ?

Also, I played against some well known juicers in high school, and it pissed me off to no end, fucking cheaters. But I guess we werent tested for it, so it makes it ok.



well I was lookin for friendly advise.I play corner back safety and running back. I have not been training I'm just gettin back into sports. Its been a long time. I am not a starter as u can tell. I'm a lil guy. It is american football and not tag. but thanks all the same.

I will read what the site says and maybe steroids r not my answer. My diet sucks as of yet im gonna be lookin for stuff on that too. I lost my job so buyin food was a prob for a while. I guess startin again is dumb. But I'll do it neway. I just wanna be in shape.


no joke man I got my ass kicked freshman and sophmore year. I went to a big public school, and all the 8th graders were there to do max's for the freshman team. There were a couple guys max benching 315 AS 8TH GRADERS!!! Turns out they were gobbling the dbol like candy, pissed me off. Pissed me off even more when I had to do hitting drills with them. . .

OP I believe food, and not AAS is your best option at this point.


wow well they tested in my school
but basically im tryin to find a plan to stick too and im a dumbass. Thats about all there is to it. Thank u I'll begin eating right and lift and try to see if i could get a trainer.


Make sure you get a good trainer if you are going to go that route, at least 50% of them are shitty.

Honestly this website has such a wealth of information that I have never felt the need to enlist the help of a trainer or nutritionist. Lift big and eat big my friend, good luck.


sounds like my football team in school