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Recommended Software


For those who are familiar with computer software, what would you recommend when trying to create something like this:

I have to create a presentation for school and thought this would work great.


The guy says on his Facebook page that this was created using Adobe After Affects which ain't cheap and ain't super easy. As far as I know there is not a great open source project that does what after effects does. This is not really my thing though so somebody else may know more. I don't know how good you are with computers generally, but creating quality productions like this is not going to be super easy in any case.


Yeah, I found out that is was Adobe After Effects problem is my computer will not download it (Free Trial) I have tried everything. Guess I will try and look for a similar program though I have read that there is nothing that quite compares.


What do you mean "won't download it". You mean won't install it?