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Recommended Reading?

The “Essential Books” thread in the Better Body forum reminded me of something.

Every so often TC and T-Mag readers respectively post recommendations of books they’ve liked. I picked up “The Sea Wolf” and “Watership Down” from TC’s list (I thought “Watership” had to do with ships or sailing - imagine my surprise).

So, since I’m heading to the library this weekend does anyone have some recommendations?

I’ll start.

Good Life, Good Death - Gehlek Rimpoche

About the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. I liked Rimpoche’s writing style - it’s humorous and easy to read.

The Fifties - David Halberstam.

An overview of U.S. social/political/economic history in the 1950’s. This was one of TC’s picks too.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini

Explains how/why people respond to persuasion and marketing from the media and people. Learned some great stuff from this book.

Refined by Fire - LTC(RET) Brian and Mel Birdwell

LTC Birdwell just walked out of the men’s room in the Pentagon when AA Flight 77 hit and he suffered major burns. The book flips between his and his wife’s accounts of his recovery, as well as how his family coped.

The Way of the Wolf (Book 1 of The Vampire Earth) - E.E. Knight

Post-apocalyptic novel about vampires. A great read if you’re into sci-fi.

Three words: Bret Easton Ellis.

[quote]JMB wrote:
Three words: Bret Easton Ellis.[/quote]

“Hey kid. Do you want . . . a cookie?”