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Recommended Reading for a Beginner


A friend of mine is starting to train for the first time and unfortunately is training in another center then me. Is there any articles that are must reads that are simple and understandable. This guy doesnt know anything about the need for protein calories etc and is a blank slate.


Try the "New to T-Nation" thread and then make sure you get to the bottom of it... :wink:


When I see that phrase, I immediately think 'Dan John'. Here's the Man's article on the History of Dieting:

And here's a nice, basic beginner's routine from Chad Waterbury:


You are such a self-promoter. :slightly_smiling:


No kidding! Which is why I will now shamelessly toss out my own thread for a little while back. lol


Basically it's a quick little overview of the mind numbing amount of acronyms this site seems to use. Hopefully you will find it helpful.


Geez, some people have no shame.

Why not tell the guy to try searching T-Nation for "First Person Alpha Male" and "First Person Spike". :wink:

(I'm halfway kidding, ill. Get your friend's training and nutrition in order first. But still, those are two awesome articles!!)


well first of all, call him up and explain to him why eating alot of calories and getting alot of protein in is so important.. that one isnt too hard to explain to someone. u shouldnt need an article to explain it