Recommended Protocol for Injections, Least Pain/Most Results?

I’ve read the sticky’s several times and i’m confused on one thing relating to the protocol for injections. I use a 29 gauge needed and inject 2 times per week (30 IU per injection). Is it recommended to do it Sub Q, which my understanding is to pinch a spot on my belly or love handle and inject at a 45 degree angle into the pinch (this is what I do with HCG) or should I use the 29 gauge needle and inject right into the quad which is what I’d prefer as it seems slightly less painful but getting the desired results are the most important thing…what is the recommended method?

I believe Sub Q is recommended for a couple reasons:

  • Less T becomes E
  • less painful

If you go in the quad with a 1/2" 29 gauge needle I believe it would be sub q due to injection depth - but I could be wrong.

Find where injections are more comfortable, belly or quads. Varies from one guy to another.

OK, I guess that is kind of what I was asking. On my quad, I can’t pinch and prick at an angle…there’s not any fat there… so I just go straight in. That is my preferred spot but I wanted to make sure that OK. Is that OK? and is that considered Sub Q (just so I know)?



Some may disagree with me, but I believe the difference in net effect of sub q vs im is essentially unrecognizable for most people. i would think that ease of injection would generally matter more. Basically, the only difference between sub q and im is depth of penetration of the needle. I’m very, very lean, so any quad injections are going to be IM by necessity. If it’s important to you to ensure that you’re only injecting sub q, i would pick a spot where you have a fair amount of fat/skin to pinch.

My skin+fat is very thin over my quads. 45 degrees would be IM for me.

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OK, so this is what i’m getting from this thread:

  • quad is OK (so’s belly…personal preference)

*1/2 29# is good

*If shot in quad, it’s considered IM not Sub Q but very acceptable if that’s my preferred spot


thanks guys…


yes. IM has been a successful injection method for decades. Sub Q is currently very popular with TRT patients, but it’s not necessary by any means.

as a side note, I like delts quite a bit for IM, because it feels better than quads for me, but quads are very easy to reach, so it’s sort of a toss up.

Dont waste pins on HCG…no need to inject intramuscular and ceeate scarring. If u do intramuscular then do proper anabolics…for HCG injecting into fat around belly is perfect

29g is already thin as fu… i dont know how u can get test inside unless maybe heating it up?

Anyways you shouldnt feel any pain at all if you do IM injections with a 29.

I have used 23/25/27 all in gluts/quads, the best one is 27 for me if u can find it, 25 is good too, with 27 i barely feel anything just the initial slight pinch so a 29 would be overkill.

Ive been using a #29x1/2" in my delts lately. Working well so far.

the 29g loads slow…like you have to pull plunger, turn upside down and come back in 4 or 5 minutes…but the injection times are pretty fast…on par with larger needles. I guess i’m not sure if the 29x1/2 goes deep enough for IM? I don’t have enough fat on my quads to do subq.

when you do the #29x1/2" in your delts, do you go straight in (IM) or pinch and go in at an angle (sub q)

I just go straight in. I have very little fat there.