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Recommended Protein Intake on Cycle


Sorry if this question gets asked a lot, but is there a rough guideline as to how much protein one should consume on an AAS cycle?
I appreciate it might vary depending on the strength of the cycle, but lets just say someone was on a pretty basic cycle (like 500mg of test per week) - how much additional protein would they required to get the most out of their cycle?
Ive heard mixed reviews on the subject: Bill Roberts supposedly recommends 2g per lb upwards, whereas I believe Jason Blaha suggested users don't actually require a much higher protein intake.

I actually posted this same question on Dr Michael Scallys FB group, and the response was, again, pretty mixed.
Dr Scally linked me to a discussion where the general consensus was that, given the increased level of protein synthesis on cycle, and since theres no real harm to having a higher protein intake, you should just be on the safe side and go higher.

However, Borge Fagerli noted that androgens enable the body to recycle and make better use of amino acids, meaning protein needs may even be lower and not higher on cycle. He also made the point that such a high protein intake would eat into the amount of carbs and fats one could allocate themselves.

To be honest, I came away from the discussion more confused than when I started!

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I would very much appreciate it!


I hover between 1-1.5g a day. See nothing but a increased grocery bill by going any higher. With that I train for strength as opposed to size. Still managed to be a relatively lean 225 at 5'6"


Wow! 225lbs is very impressive - a protein intake <2g per lb BW obviously hasn't been that much of a hindrance then!

I was thinking 1.5g as a happy medium, but I'm still a little wary just in case I'm shortchanging myself in any way by not going up to 2g.


I'm with Reed here... I'll even dip a bit lower, 1-1.25g / lb of BW. I know a ton of guys who live and die by this. However, find out what works best for you, not what works best for others.


The last year i've been sitting around 2-2.5g/lb. Carbs and fat fairly moderate. Came from 190 to 225 naturally, then got to 250 with AAS the first month. Put on a little bit of fat along the way, cutting now with still quite high protein, low fats and lowering carbs steadily and the fat is dropping off very nicely.


never seen a need to go over 1g per lb of bodyweight.


Thanks for the responses! Opinions seem to be split. I think I'll go for the happy medium of ~1.5g per lb of bodyweight and see how it goes.


I am ok nothing special other than making sure I get in 250+g of protein a day I dont really watch my eating. I dont eat shit 80% of the time but, that is my daily worry about it.

20ozs of eggs/egg whites add Cheese
Oatmeal and Fruit

16oz of Chicken, Fish or Beef
Rice or Potatoes

16oz of Chcken, Fish, or Beef
Rice or Potatoes

Have a shake after training. Keep it Simple Stupid.

Puts me right over 300g a day which is about 1.5g per pound. Like I said I am NOT A PHYSIQUE ATHLETE NOR DO I WANNA OR TRY TO BE. But, this is a pic from about 2 weeks ago. 5'6" 226 here. Sorry for shitty blurry resolution I fucking hate this phone


holding a bit of water in that photo there mate! Little bit of a moon face on ya!


Agreed fully lol but that's what no AI or SARMs kinda do for you. I am thinking about running Arimidex for a few weeks just to see how much water I can pull off with it in order to help make weight cuts for meets easier.


maybe get some liquid stuff from a research site so you can titrate the dose easily. I know how much an AI fucks with you


What is the weakest AI in general. I know letro is a no go I wanted to die on it. Arimidex I am guessing is really my only bet. Thinking maybe a low dose Nolva and Arimidex to try and get it off for 2-3 weeks up to the meet? This is one area I know very little on.


Looking huge man.

Nolva won't do much for bloat. Just the adex would be fine.


OP if you are recomping or cutting, a higher protein intake would be recommended. I don't go over 1.5g assisted, 0.8g-1g natural if bulking.


maybe aromasin? Never really heard of an over-responder to asin whereas you hear a few people say it about adex


Thankyou! Yeah, I'm bulking, so I guess I can afford to eat a little less!


I have always had the best results with exemestane (asin, aromasin or whatever you want to call it), you will dry out very quickly without too much joint pain. And on a mg to mg comparison, it is definitely less potent than adex or letro, but it also has a totally different method of stopping aromatase from doing its job. If you get a liquid RC version it is easy to titrate your dose as well because it has a short half life.


The thing is... you are not me. Nor do you share the same genetics as the other posters here. Macros are rather individual.

Why not try some high protein weeks and see if you respond better?


Thanks guys gonna look into getting some soon.


Damn! do you really eat 2lbs of fish/chicken/beef in 2 meals, or does that include the carbs? You weigh the same amount I do, and I am at least a half foot taller and it takes me 4 meals to get that, also no offense I'm more concerned with physique and I am lucky to squat 405.