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Recommended Nolvadex Dosage to Counter Gyno?

Hi there gentlemen.

26 year old male here. I posted here July last year about beginning gyno 6 months after running a 12-week cycle of LGD-4033 (which was most likely not just LGD-4033). Back then it was just sore lumps in my nipples - nothing visual.

I went to a plastic surgeon and was encouraged to wait it out and see if it might disappear by itself. I was also told that the lumps will stop being sore once they stop growing.

Fast forward to now, I feel like it has gotten worse and it’s more visible now.
Just started ZMA today as I read it might help with the appearance of the puffy nips, but I want to remove the gyno as much as possible without going under the knife. Is Nolvadex the right way to go?

I tried getting my hands on some Raloxifen after recommendations in my previous thread, but all I can get is Tamoxifen (Nolvadex). What are your thoughts on running that to counter the gyno? And what would be a proper dosage for that?

If you catch it early, Nolva can be great for gyno. 20mg daily, for 1-3 months is usually recommended. I’ve used it occasionally for flair ups


What about ramping up/tapering down?

The gyno started around a year ago - do you consider that early enough to still be able to fix it with Nolva?

I’ve never tapered it, just start with 20mg daily and see if it helps. After a year it may be set in tho.

Bump. Does anyone have recommendations on dosage?

Try 40 mg/day for several weeks. If you get absolutely no changes then you might look at letrozole.

I would follow Studhammers advice and run it for 3-6 months. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3526085

I appreciate the replies gentlemen. Anything such as ramping up/tapering down?