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Recommended Knee Wraps for USPA Raw Classic


It seems to me that stiffer wraps are easier to deal with since you don’t have to pull so much slack out of them, both when rolling and wrapping. When I was using the red Slingshots (which are more on the stretchy side) I was starting to get bicep tendinitis from wrapping myself. It’s also more tiring with stretchy wraps. Some wraps will also make the skin around your knees sore after a couple sets so trying to do more work in them will be extremely uncomfortable.


This sounds weird.


Next step is pause squat halfway down with one knee wrapped


With one shoe on and the another shoe on, with bar weight offset, with chains on one side and bands on the other


ITs been kinda weird and rough. I’d prolly rather do box squats


Starting with a lighter wrap like the gripper is a good call, stick with that until you’re wrapping it as tight as you possibly can and feeling relatively comfortable. Red Slingshots or similar are a good next step but it might be months before you need to upgrade to something like that. I’m a believer that if you want the most pounds out of your wraps, you need to work your way into the heaviest and tightest wrap you can, but understand that it’s a process that can take years.

Me personally… I use the Elite Super Heavies and absolutely love them, but I’ve been squatting in wraps for around 7 years.


I love the Titan wraps, me and my training partner use them. I like the Max RPM’s and the Titanium wraps, the Titanium wraps are great I get more wraps out of them than the Max RPM’s. I would recommend you start with the Max RPMs, or Inzer with grippers. Be careful with the grippers for volume or lots of reps, they will tear up your skin if you not used to wraps. My training partner loves the signature golds, they are good just not my cup of tea, don’t feel like i can get them tight. I think i will try out the THP’s next. Good luck!


I hear the max RPMs are ridiculously stretchy, I read a review where a guy said he was getting about 20 revolutions out of a 2.5m pair vs. 8-10 out of other wraps.

I like the signature golds, if you like the feeling of having your circulation totally cut off then stretchier wraps might be better for you but these have good rebound and don’t feel absolutely terrible like some other wraps. Even if you just wrap them lightly you still get noticeable carryover, with some stretchy wraps it seems like they do nothing unless they are tight as hell.


I get five up from the bottom then two wraps making an x over the knee, then one wrap at the top and tuck them in with the Max RPM’s.With the Titanium’s at max wraps I get five up from the bottom, one across to the bottom, then a full wrap at the bottom, an crossed wrap to the top, a full wrap then another wrap at the top with a tuck at the top. So a full two additional wraps with the Titaniums’s. I really want to try a stiffer wrap like the THP’s next, just don’t want to switch with a contest two weeks away.


Thanks its been super helpful. The Elite FTS Heavy Rev werent that bad, but rolling/wrapping became a pain. The grip made logistics way easier

I just got a chance to try Max RPMs the other day, they felt really good, and just a lil stiffer than my grippers. I had somebody else wrap me on this tho.

On grippers, on a self wrap I do 4 up from the knee and then 2x’s. The guy wrapping me the other day did a mummy style wrap so I lost track. I was also wrapping my wrists while he wrapped me too. I might try a mummy style wrap the next few sessions just to try it


Ok, so maybe what I heard about the max RPMs wasn’t accurate seeing as you get more revolutions with the titaniums.

Again, speaking from things I heard rather than experienced, apparently the THPs don’t give much rebound and are more of a cast wrap. I don’t see any raw lifters using them, that could be why. I suppose it would depend on what you prefer though.


I have been told since I’m a slow squatter to go with the stiffer wraps. I prefer the stretchy wraps but who cares if it helps my squat more.


Try and see I guess.


Anyone tried the Pioneer Lilliebridge wraps? I currently use Elite Heavies but have been recommended switching to the Pioneers, so curious if anyone has used both and prefers one over the other etc.


Generally that’s a good idea, castier for slower/geared squatters more stretchy/reboundy for fast squatters.

Though some people dive bomb so fast they need the stiff wraps to stop them in the hole.

Also personal preference, I know some people who squat 1,000 lbs but are absolute bitches and don’t like tight wraps.