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Recommended Knee Wraps for USPA Raw Classic

Hi All,

I got my meet this weekend and I’m planning to do my next one in May for Raw Classic.

I’m looking for good recommendations for training and comp, at 2.5m.

I’ve been looking at a whole bunch and have no idea where to start. I’ve been recommended Pioneer Lilliebridge wraps, Inzer Iron Z so far. I’ve been looking into pairs of Elite FTS Heavy and Krait (Heavy for training, Krait for comp), also looking to a pair of Metal Mystical for training. I’m also interested in any reviews/anecdotes of Titan Knee wraps.

I’ve heard good things about the EFTS Heavies and the strongest squatters I know in person use the Pioneers (they’re 900 and 700 lbs squatters). Personally, I like the red Slingshots that used to be Lilliebridge. I fucking hate Iron Zs. They give me nothing.

I’d recommend getting a pair of EFTS Normal knee wraps as starters. See how squatting in wraps feels. Some people take a while to adjust, others don’t. Then try some progressively stiffer wraps and see which you like best.

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Don’t train in one pair of wraps and compete in another, that is a terrible idea. Different types of wraps can feel totally different, you don’t want any surprises at the meet. What MarkKO said is exactly what I would recommend, start with a lighter pair of wraps to get used to the whole concept and then try stronger ones. You might have to buy a few pairs to find one that works for you.

I have a pair of Signature Golds, they are comparable to the red slingshots. They have less stretch which means less revolutions around the knee but it’s also easier to wrap yourself. I find I get a bigger rebound out of them vs. the slingshots, but the slingshots give you this feeling that they carry you to the top. You can’t really say that one is better than the other, it depends on what you like more and what works better for you.

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Thanks for the heads up! I was actually looking at the Signature Golds for knee and wrist wraps.

I read an article where a guy recommended starting with a light wrap in training and switching to a heavier comp wrap a few weeks out before. Another guy recommended getting two of the same comp wrap in case one unravels and you have a quick backup.

I probably will have to buy a buncha pairs and probably sell them to friends over time if I don’t like them. Hopefully Lifting large will have a booth at the meet for me to try some

I hear of some people who do that when transitioning back to squatting in wraps, and if you are new to wraps then trying out some lighter wraps at first is probably a good idea, but you want to be comfortable with the wraps you are going to compete in. Quite likely it will take more than a couple weeks, unless you know exactly what you are doing I would say 2 months at a minimum, preferably 3-4.

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Yeah good call

I ended up ordering Elite FTS Heavys - got em for like 20 bucks (plus I liked the Red and Blue combo these came in), but obv not married to them and open to trying out other wraps if available.

With the meet in May, I’ll just stick to one wrap as long as I can, and maybe get a better/heavier/stiffer wrap in the future. Might get the Titan Golds or Kraits for that one.

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I have a pair of efts heavies and can attest to their greatness.


Basically, if you can consistently squat to depth with whatever wraps you are using wrapped as tight as you can tolerate then MAYBE a stronger pair will be better. It also might not be, you won’t know until you try. It seems like the ability to reach depth is the main limiting factor with stronger wraps, and there are also some wraps out there (Titan THP for example) that are mostly for stopping power rather than rebound, unless you compete in gear or squat with a very wide stance those probably won’t do what you want them to.

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I have Elitefts patriots. I like them quite a bit. I have heavy wrist wraps (I am assuming they are the same material as the knee wraps). I would think heavy’s would be pretty good based on how the wrist wraps feel.

I have also used Unbreakable Annihilators. They are good, but I think I like the patriots maybe a little bit better (and they were half the money).

Elitefts seems to be a good deal in general.



I had the chance to try on signature golds at the meet. I got some new Gangsta Wrist Wraps a while ago, and really regret not getting a new pair of titan wrist wraps… maybe I’ll give the Gangstas to my wife.

Checking back in about wraps. Just started using wraps in training now that the weight is heavier enough.

The EliteFTS Heavies were too stiff and drained me trying to wrap/squat/roll up again/wrap/squat etc
I got Inzer Iron Z and they were too flimsy. A coach told me they were more ideal for training wrap.
Then I go the Inzer Grippers, which are just right and the grippy worked like magic in managing time/effort outside my sets.

I work with a coach, and admittedly, he’s not experienced in classic raw, and hasn’t programmed anyone else for it ever. My max in sleeves is 402, and I have yet to touch that in wraps.

Next session is 3x5 in Wraps at like 345-355 followed by a back loaded single at 375-385. My one friend who’s done a buncha wrapped meets said that it would be ideal to work up to a single in wraps and then do back off 3x5 in sleeves. Kinda in a dilemma, and soemthing I should take up with my coach

If you compete in wraps the majority of your training ( in season that is ) should be in wraps.

I don’t see a huge in season benefit to going wrapped single then backup un wrapped, the back off sets should be wrapped IMO

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Yeah, this makes sense, and I’m sure this is my coach’s intent as well.

Yeah, unless your technique in wraps is near perfect and you just want to get more volume in without the hassle I would rather do a few work sets in wraps.

Yeah wasn’t too bad today.

Did my first 2 sets in sleeves, then my last of 3x5 in wraps

Then did my single in even tighter wraps

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Hmm this past week it’s been my first week back on wraps (I was never really on them lol but I had tried them before for like two weeks).

@chris_ottawa always asked me to try to get Chad Wesley Smith’s take on how to train when competing in wraps. Never got word from the man himself but in this vid he touches on it briefly starting around 6:10.

Pretty much balance spending enough time in the wraps to get good with them and overload but balancing it out with the extra stress that the bigger weights have on you. His recommendations seemed less than I expected but to be fair it’s coming from a guy who does a lot of his own training in sleeves and he has said that he doesn’t like the wraps as often in his own training

Thanks for that video, it was super helpful and just the answers I was looking for.

Today, I tried it and it wasnt bad doing my sleeved sets first then working my way into wraps

Glad I’m starting wrapping this early out

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I think I’ve filled you in on my own situation with wraps but since I’m new to wraps and relatively weak I’m going with wraps once a week right now I as I try to build strength not much volume and then back off work in sleeves. The wrapped squat itself is really fun and not to alien and quite easy to get used to.

Squat seems to be a pretty draining lift for me. It’s near my Deadlift I think in terms of how much it smashes me so I’m going a bit more conservative to maximise recovery

Yeah, I squat 3x a week. Pin Squat in Wraps, Squats in wraps (that I’m now working sleeves back into, and transformer bar squats at front squat setting.

I’ll also be front squatting when Im traveling, so might have to dial back on that last one

Def after seeing that video, I’ll bring them back in across all sets right when I’m done traveling. Its just a damn pain to re-roll and wrap 4 sets without a wrap roller

Yeah it’s a bother to wrap em but so far i do most of warm ups in sleeves. When the weight gets heavier might be wrapping myself quite a few times. Although I’m not going to be doing too many sets in wraps per week so shouldn’t be too bad.

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