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Recommended Gym Equipment Manufacturers

I’m planning on starting an independent gym here in sunny Malaysia and was wondering which strength (including barbells and dumbbells) and cardio equipment brands you’ve all found to be the best through your own experiences.

I’m sure names like Atlantis, Cybex, Magnum, Hammer Strength, Flex, Life Fitness etc will crop up but I’m also interested in equipment that might be off the usual beaten track.


I could build my entire routine around dumbbells, Hammer Strength and Cybex without ever wanting or needing anything else. Hammer Strength impresses me the most by allowing me to handle weights that I would generally need a spotter for. Because of that, I am probably bigger because of using them than I would be had they not been invented.

Elite Fitness makes great power racks, glute-ham raises and other power equipment.
However they don’t sell pink dumbbells so you’ll have to look elsewhere for them.