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Recommended Fats?


I have been searching this site and need some help.

Fish Oil, Udo's, Flax, Coconut oil.

I love Flameout, I am now trying some Udo's.

I want to improve general health overall and lose some bodyfat.

What do you guys/gals recommend?

Flameout + Udo's? I do eat quite a bit of nuts like almonds, and it seems that if that is the case perhaps the Udo's becomes redundant. I would appreciate any feedback.

Also: If anyone would like to PM me and give me some other choices to look at in the Greens + area, (I am currently using Maximum Greens I get from GNC.) that would be great. Do you take additional C and E also?

Sorry for so many questions.


Errr, I don't live in the US, so I don't know what brands are available to you, but I think a combination of all the oils you mentioned is the way to go.

I use fish oil capsules. I use flax seeds, grind them myself. I use olive oil when I can.
Also eating fatty fish like salmon, sardines, ...

I hope this helps.