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Recommended Dose of Adex?

I’m doing my second testo e cycle soon. 250mg e5d. For 12 or 19 weeks. I don’t want to get to bloated this time and was thinking about an ai, Adex. I don’t eat allot of carbs cause I’m cutting. But don’t want to eliminate them.

I weigh 90kg and I’m 180cm


19 weeks is a ludicrous length of cycle

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You are essentially just doing a “cycle” of highish TRT. As far as an AI goes, even the TRT guys recommend it to keep estro in check. If you want a decent but not aggressive cycle, considering cutting your cycle in half and then doubling your test dose to 250mg 2x a week. It is the basic starter cycle. As it is you are going to be on TRT for a long enough time trying to restart your natural test production will be harder.