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Recommended Diet for Already-Lean Bodybuilder?

Dr. Darden, what type of nutrition do you recommend for an already lean, natural bodybuilder?

I’m halfway through your book Killing Fat. How would you alter things for someone who is already lean, muscular, and trains four x per week?

Thank you in advance.

Personally I would just carry on with Dr Darden’s dietary recommendations but slowly start to add calories and keep doing so until you get to (or are close) a stage where you don’t want to put on any more bodyfat.
You will really appreciate the positive effects that the high carbs in the diet have on your physique .
I personally believe that carbs used diligently on a lean natural physique are the closest thing a natural bodybuilder has to steroids.
Mark Houghton


I agree with markh501. Just add calories in a similar proportion to the Killing Fat breakdown. So we’re probably talking about from 2,500 to 3,500 calories a day.

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Endurance athletes carb-load! Endurance athletes have been utilizing carb-loading for years! Muscles can be trained to increase their glycogen content. Insulin can be more anabolic when dietary fat is not interfering and causing insulin resistance! Cycling a high carb diet around workout days does this. This will enhance health, muscle fullness, pump, etc.
An adult can only put on small amounts of muscle tissue. How much protein is needed for this - not much! Dietary fats just make you fat and slow down blood flow! Weight training is a glycolytic event. Not much dietary protein is needed! Just another bodybuilding marketing myth!

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