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Recommended College Courses


Choosing courses for next semester pretty soon here. I have 3 required courses - calculus, writing & macroecon, and the other two can be pretty much anything else.

So far I'm interested in psych, counselling, and maybe womens studies just for fun lol.

I can also take physical courses worth half credits each. I'm thinking a combination of fencing, dancing or strength training.


Strength training courses suck because they are very basic and a waste of time. Most of the classes are spent learning technical stuff from a book anyways.

I enjoyed golf, bowling and archery for bs classes.


take dancing and womens studies.


Self-Defense was always muff city when I was in college. Dancing ain't bad either unless you're like me and can't keep a count worth a damn.

I took a B-B-Q class in the Ag Department which was cool as hell. Don't remember what the class actually was, but we always showed up on tuesdays to BBQ and drink beer.

Anthropology and Boteny courses are usually filled with quality tail.

Upper level history classes had a few hotties, but were really some of the most interesting courses I had enrolled in. Lots of interaction with profs who really enjoy the subject, a ton of in class debating.

And people wonder why it took me 6 years to get my B.S. engineering degree.


I wouldn't do psyc thats a lot of work for an 'easy class' which you should take if you can do anything. Use these classes as a GPA booster.


I took nutrition 100 as an option. It was an easy A but fairly interesting. Lots of hot girls too.


I think nutrition course would be lame. I will constantly be biting my tongue over what the prof/textbook recommends.

Does anyone know what women's studies is even about? I've heard from friends of friends that it's easy, but I have no idea what it's about. All I know is it is a prerequisite for a course called female sexuality!

If psyc is that hard, I guess I won't do it. My GPA does need some boosting.

The BBQ class sounds sweet hahaha. Only course I know similar to that is this one media course my buddy is in where they play video games all class haha.


YOGA! When I was working at the Campus Rec. Gym at the U of Montana. The yoga class had the most nubile young female bodies in it. I think I only saw one guy in there and about 30 females.


Nutrition 101. One of the best classes I ever took.


ACK! I just read one of your responses Thomas. It sounds like you would actually be a great candidate for a basic nutrition course. All you will learn is accepted science. It's perfect for navigating the endless stream of fad bullshit that gets pushed on these boards.

That's not to say that what T-Nation is publishing is all fad bullshit, not at all. But without a solid background in the accepted science of nutrition it's really not possible to form an intelligent opinion of an article that you might read here. And some of what you might read here or there might be crap.

Anyway, my point being, if you think you would get frustrated at your nutrition professor I can only assume that you think you know a lot about nutrition. But without basic level stuff, you are more than likely just repeating what some guru said rather than actually forming an opinion that is informed by years of solid scientific research.

OK, done. Can you tell I really loved that class?


OK just tell me this: If nutrition 101 teaches accepted scientific research, and the food pyramid is based on accepted scientific research, do I really want to learn this stuff? Did you know the very first nutrition program was sponsored by General Mills?

And with the thousands of hours I've spent reading about nutrition on a fairly scientific level, I don't think there would be that much more I could learn in an entry level course.

Sorry to be argumentative, but I'm going to need some convincing to go into that one!


Since I've actually taken the course, I'll have to say that there isn't any "tongue biting". Basically you learn about how your body uses vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, etc. It's just a breadth-first type course, nothing fancy, but it's interesting.


I took a seminar course that was cross listed as a women studies course. I had a great, little old woman for a professor.

Essentially, women's studies would be better labled as "gender studies". You'd (hopefully) look at how gender works in culture. More importantly, how cultural constructs and ideas influence our thoughts. I think a womans studies course would be worth your time. At the very least, it gives you something to think about.

As far as other classes:
-Take a course in business law--that's useful stuff.
-If you play music at all, a course in basic music theory would be well worth your time.
-Need a GPA booster? see if your campus offers a course in basic info systems. Look for something that teaches you to use microsoft office.
-Theatre courses are fun.


I would definitely take microeconomics as well as macro. And if your school has one (they probably do), take a Money & Banking course. All of this is basic stuff that I think everyone in this country should be required to take before they're allowed to vote, for one thing.

I was also lucky to have some fantastic history courses, so if that piques your interest I would try to take some of those as well (whichever ones look interesting to you), even if they have nothing to do with your major.

Psych 101 is also an interesting thing to take somewhere along the way if you have the time.


Ya, my major is business, so I've already taken micro. Next year will be all business courses, no options at all.

Music theory would be great, but at my school there was a 40% failure rate in it last semester. I don't think I would fail, as I played piano for 8 years, but I doubt I would get an A.

A lot of the history courses look awesome, but the prerequisites are boring. Sucks how all the cool courses are for later years!

I hate to complain so much though. I just don't want to get stuck in any courses I hate. I'm in Logic right now, and I really dislike it.

My campus does have an intro computer program, boyscout. It would kind of feel like being in kindergarten, but yes I should boost my GPA. I need a 3.2 to get into a work experience program. So ya, thanks for the suggestion. I will tough it out and go in that one. Just need to decide on one more.


Is there such a course as Demasculanization 101? Because most of the suggestions I hear might as well be coming out of the mouth of Ellen Degeneres.


At my school, and most schools now a days, women's studies is a gen ed, required course. I'm taking mine right now and it is torture.

So far we've learned that just about every aspect of being a woman sucks, but if you try to discuss solutions, the professor just changes the subject. So bitching only, no problem solving allowed.

We've also learned that men aren't really strong physically and emotionally, their just victims of society and if it weren't for evil society, we'd all be playing with dolls and enjoying tupperware parties while talking about our feelings.

Oh and last week a real life tranny visited us and told us all about the operation s/he had to turn his/her man parts into a mutilated imitation of a vagina. Also about the time its daughter walked in on it trying on her makeup.

The lesson learned from this gen ed... sometimes in life you have to put up with stupid shit. Its great how college prepares you for the world :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I know women's studies would be like that.
The profs that teach that class are hardcore feminists. I just think it would be amusing to be in that class. Actually, I have an idea, I am going to go sit in on that class this week. I will let you guys know what they talk about.

I've always wondered about it ever since it came out Anthony Robert's majored in it.


If you're at a liberal school, you might be able to find a sexual psych class. That would be cool.

Or, maybe you can take tantric 101.


I'm finishing up my bachelor of music this year (guitar performance), and I can tell you than 40% failure rate is not uncommon. I started with over 60 people in my music theory course freshmen year. By the fifth semester (post tonal music anlysis) there were less than 20 of us. It's meant to weed people out.

BUT, the first semester of music theory is lame shit. You'll learn to construct scales/modes, intervals, chords, etc. All the basic crap. And maybe a bit of counterpoint of beginning 4 part writing (basically working with tonic and dominant). So you may be get an A... It should be stuff that you already know from piano. Even the counterpoint and four part stuff will play itself out--everyone has played at least a little bit of bach

I'm taking an info system course along the lines of what I suggested right now. It blows; I skip it a lot to practice. It could be your regulated time to surf T-Nation?