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Recommended Books/Reading?


I understand you do a lot of reading. Do you have any recommended reading or books you could share? (Other then 5-3-1, of course.)

Anybody else can chime in on this one too.

“The Boys Who Defied Hitler”

I read a lot of books that can be found in middle school and high school libraries because I work in buildings that have middle school and high school libraries.

Landau, Lifshitz: "The classical theory of fields"
Landau, Lifshitz: "Quantum fileld theory"
nice books!!!

Best book on training ever written: your training log.

If you don’t keep a detailed, written training log, you are wrong. I can’t tell you how important this is for success. Simply put, if you don’t keep one, you just don’t give a shit.

After that, read whatever interests you. Most of us have access to a library, so spend some time and read.