Recommended Blood Work?

Hey guys, I am getting kicked off my parents insurance soon (I was lucky to be carried til 23 bc I am in school still), and I have my last full checkup this week. Since it is basically free, what blood tests should I request? For instance, in the newest Sucker Punch, Dr. Tim Z recommends getting 25(hydroxy)D levels checked.

Anything else I should request? I would especially appreciate responses from those in medicine.

FYI I asked Dr. Tim Z, and his recommendations were:

-ALCAT panel (
-Comprehensive Nutrition Panel (
-Lipid Panel
-clinical chemistry (metabolic) panel

i would say if that is what dr Z recommends you have the only opinion you need already. I work wiht a functional medicine specialist and do basically that to a T 4 times per year, plus i have nuerotransmitter levels catecholamines etc checked but that is due to some perconal health stuff. Dr Z has recommended a very good set, that does not necessarily mean you will be able to get your doctor to order them or that your insurance will cover them.