Recommended Blood Tests

What blood tests would be good to get when wanting to check over all health or deficiencies?

For example:


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CBC with lipid panel and a CMP. Covers what you asked for and is a good general wellness check with a physical at your primary care doc.

Blood tests wont help with this much.
If you care about liver or kidneys or heart or any organ - you go and look at the actual organ. Blood tests is like listening to if your car makes weird sounds. Sometimes it does and you might find a problem but sometimes it sounds normal yet there are lots of things fucked up. The only way to know your health is to go and do real tests.

Vitamin D?

Not a doctor. I have no idea how meaningful the results of this test are. I’m assuming because vit D is fat soluble the test is a good reflection of your normal levels, as opposed to say vit Bs, vit C, magnesium or zinc which are water soluble and therefore testing levels in the blood would not be a good indicator of your average levels but rather how much is floating around in your blood right now, and also sweating/exercise can change things.

Is that right?