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Hey, im new to T-Nation and i have found these boards to be informational..i just have a question...im a pro wrestler in Ga, and i have a good size to me although i think i can make improvements, im 5-3 and weigh 131pds of solid muscle..i currently take Protein,CE2,TRIBEX,Animal Packs, MStacks,Glutamine,Triflex and have seen good results from them, any and all suggestions would be great, i work at GNC so i have easy access to supplements just want some new recommendations from ppl who actually know what they are talking about, thanks everyone


How about a lot of food?


i eat 6 times a day and drink bout 2-4 protein shakes a day...i was recently on Lean Fire fat burner and lost 12pds in 10 days and didnt do anything different to my diet, i have gotten off that last month so now i would like to get bigger of just solid muscle, just i cant seem to get my chest bigger, my most recent pics are on www.myspace.com/ajsummers or my website but not as recent as my myspace photos, on my website the pics with colorful tights are prolly the most recent


If your diet is in order.

Take Carbolin 19. Read the thread about it, this is the perfect product for you.


5'2 holy snikies?Midget wrestler?

kidding kidding...no really thats short though!


This has to be a joke, right? Someone 5'3--130 used a product called Lean Fire fat burner? Someone 130lbs. lost 12lbs in 10 days doing nothing additionally?
And then to top it off you want me to go offsite and look at pictures of you in 'colorful tights!'

I don't F*n think so