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Recommendations on my Macros for Fat Loss

hi I’m pretty new to this forum part of this site and i was hoping someone can help me. 21-year-old and a college student. this summer i have a goal to get to 15% body fat. i currently have a workout plan but the only thing i need right now is nutrition and macros. about a year ago i got down to 235 with keto and then 227with a lean protein diet 1.5g of protein per body weight recommended by a professional trainer i met. when i went back to school and thought i was the shit i fell off and made purely bad choices i gained it all back plus a little extra 263, but I did get stronger. Currently, I’m at 253

Current Stats
30% body fat - but i don’t look like it and many ppl are confused i can supply a picture if needed
Lifting stats
bench= 275 max
squat 315 for 10 reps not sure about the max
deadlift 315 for 10 reps not sure about the max

I’ve been looking around and i see that either 1g of protein per lb or 1.25g-1.5g protein is recommended body should i do is at this weight? im not sure what to go with. so i started righting down macro options starting with what should be my maintenance then deducting 15 to 20 % based on multiple articles I’ve read here

i am currently in a deficit and my macros are
Protein 250g
carbs 117g- might just stay at 100 too much makes me gain like 10lbs
fats 67g
calorie intake around 2000
since im to 250 my maintenance should 2550 maintenance but i can never eat that much food its really hard. im not sure if i should drop or increase calories and the effect it may have on my metabolism since it already slow af.

my diet consists of chicken breast, ground turkey, pinto beans, green superfood, broccoli, and protein shakes.

I’m thinking of switching it up so I did some math based on some articles on this site but I’m not sure if the 1.25 -1,5 g protein intake targeted to leaner individuals or everyone because I am around 30% body fat.

High protein option
bodyweightx11= maintenance
250x11 = 2550

Protein 250x1.35 = 345g = 1380
Carbs 100g = 400cal - decided this because mof my endomorph like body type and i blow up of i have too much
Fats 78g = 770cal

20% Deficit

protein 345g
carbs 100g?
fat 22g ? Is it okay for may fat intake to be this low or should i take away from both carbs and fats>?

I am open to any advice or recommendations

The more lean you are, the more carbs you can keep in your diet.

Take your weight in lbs times 13. Then remove 600 calories. That’s your staring deficit. Eat 1.5 g of protein per lbs of bw, have fats make up about 30% of the your daily caloric intake and have whatever is left come from carbs. Eat every 4-5 hours. Eat vegetables.

On off-days cut out 75% of your carbs. Stay active.

I would recommend doing 300g Protein/ 250g Carbs/ 60g Fat

Have Cardio at 3x/week starting off. LISS with heart rate between 130-150bpm. Fasted or post-workout. Take ten minutes to get Heart rate in desired range, and then perform for 30 minutes.

If your carbs are already at 100-117g, when you plateau you don’t have much room to drop them and still have the energy source to have good training sessions. I’d start with the macros I listed and do that for 2-3 weeks to get your metabolism used to it, and then you can SLOWLY drop the carbs. And even implement carb/calorie cycling. Just don’t start with low carbs from the get-go, because when you plateau and don’t have much room to lower carbs more, you’ll have to rely on more cardio and you’ll be miserable.

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Completely agree. No carbs= no room to maneuver and manipulate. What happens when you plateau? You gonna drop some more cals or up the cardio? What happens next is you will be eating 1600 and doing 6 days 40min cardio putting yourself in the hole. Low carbs is def not the answer. I’m shredding on 350-400g carbs but I’m pretty lean and active af so thats another story. But considering all the variables you mentioned I would def go with @thedaltonhigh advice and work from there.

My 2 cents.

Yeah go for 100 gram carb cure, it works. Those authors know their stuff.

If anything can crank up good fats if losing strength/feel flat.

345 g of protein really unnecessary, not to mention expensive. 200g is fine.

Also pick up the pace of your training and run through fatloss templates off this site, -as young guy you shouldn’t be gaining fat so easily. Try this…