Recommendations on DL Slippers & Socks

I want to ask a relative from the USA to bring me some DL Slippers and socks, since in I’ve no idea where/if they can be found in Romania…

And since ballet slippers don’t have rubber soles, and since “usual” long socks get torn during DLs, especially since I’ve improved my technique and get blood on my shins every time I pull, and since as much as I like getting bloody shins, I don’t like the risk of getting any bugs, like MRSA… I really need to get good socks.

I’m an amateur, I won’t compete for at least a few more years, so I really don’t need pricey high-end “gear”… so… what’d you recommend?

Many thanks,

Just get soccer socks and lift in those, no shoes. Should be thick enough.

I recommend going to for the deadlift slippers, they’re the cheapest I’ve found. Titan and House of Pain are more expensive due to the shipping. In my experience, if you pull sumo you’ll need slippers and probably Stickum too.

Danke schoen.

PS: what’s Stickum for? Grip strength?

Stickum is a sticky aerosol spray, in some sports you can use it for grip enhancement, but Powerlifting isn’t one of them. You can spray it on the inside of dl slippers so your feet don’t slide around in them. Sliding around in slippers can happen with sumo, but not really with conventional, since slippers are basically socks with grippy rubber on the bottom. Stickum made me stable in slippers before I switched to Vibrams.

Thank you very much.