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Recommendations, Nutrition and Training


Im looking to start a training / diet regime. I need some recommendations on the what people think the best diet and training for fat loss is, the quicker the better.

For the diet I would like recommendation on what you believe to be the best article, or just the best advice on calories / carbs / fats per day (relative to weight) and what supplements, and how many I should have per day. (specific numbers / equations are good)

Much the same for the training, I would like to be pointed to an article with a good training program for fat loss. Im looking to get healthy, preferably in a shorter period of time.

I have read many of the article but there is a problem, Too many!! information overload for a new person like myself. Ill start tailoring the program with all the information down the track, just looking to get started with a good program. (even articles not on T-Nation, but all the good ones seem to be here)


Were not doing the work for you… Look in the search box, look at all of “Monday’s with Thibs” CT has all kinds of articles regarding fat loss/muscle gain. If you dont know then keep reading. Try different things, different programs are for different people

start with Berardi’s 7 habits and a weight training routine that aligns with your goal

If you’re truly a beginner any well laid out program is going to work for you for the first couple months. Just pick something that stresses proper form and a good balanced approach. Make sure you get a good foundation of knowledge and experience before you go crazy. A little more time up front learning to do this stuff right will pay off big time in the end.

If you are just starting working out just make sure you stick to it. Too many people think they need some crazy NASA workout to get huge. Maybe a bodybuilder needs that but it makes me laugh to see true beginners with these ridiculous workout routines. As far as Diet start the same way. Cut out fast food if you eat it. Reduce carbs that dont have other nutrients. Stop drinking soda. Just start with simple shit and then ask again in six months.