Recommendations for Sleep Meds when T is high?

Hi Guys,

Been on TRT for about 18 months now, you’ll see from a recent post that since March my numbers had dropped to about 60% of what they were before. We’ve subsequently adjusted my dose, but overshot a bit (as usually happens) so I’ve currently got higher T and E2 than I’m used to.

While this is being titrated down, it leaves me in a position where my ability to fall asleep is really comprimised. It’s literally just my hormone levels, nothing to do with caffiene, screens etc.

While I’m waiting for us to dial in the new sweet spot, I was wondering what meds other people have used to help them get off to sleep - Once I’m asleep I’m fine, but getting over that threshold is a pain at the moment. I end up tossing and turning for about 2 hours, which results in a net 2 hours loss of sleep per night and it’s affecting my energy levels.

I currently find that 2 co-codamol’s as a last resort tend to get me there, but I’d rather try something that’s designed for it and doesn’t make me feel drowsy/tired in the morning.

Previously, I’ve also used Benadryl fast activing (Acrivasitine) and Diazepam 2mg. But again, I’d rather not rely on anti-histamines and opiods.

Anyone got any recommendations? What about sleeping pills like Zopiclone? How did people get on with those?

Oh, worth mentioning that I’ve tried melatonin and OMG, it makes me so grumpy/angry! Does the same thing to my mum funnily enough.

Ask your doctor about trazadone.

This is my go to. I am pretty sure this is about as mild of a sleep drug as you can use, and it works pretty well.

I feel you though. I’ve dealt with insomnia in the past (not sleeping at all 2-3 nights a week). It is horrible. It does terrible things to the body and mental health.

Currently, I’ve been about like you. Where I don’t have sleepless nights, but it can take me an hour or two to fall asleep most night.

I’ve found for me that having a big meal with a decent portion of carbs fairly close to bed time helps me. I know it isn’t great to eat this close to bed, but I think it is better than being up for 2 hours laying in bed.

I have done blasts (a few months of a lot higher amounts of Testosterone, and or other AAS added in). I’ve found that I sleep really good with way above natural levels. I think it is the effects that high testosterone have on anxiety for me. I don’t think that is a wise sustainable approach though. You would be jacked while you lasted though haha.

This helps a ton.

We’re so trained into thinking not to eat close to bed. But what happens is come around 2am, your body is low on sugar, so your cortisol spikes, and you wake up. It’s time to fix that low blood sugar.

SO, eat some slow digesting carbs before bed. See if that helps.

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