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Recommendations For Recovery


Ok guys......
what would you recommend. To a person who wants to lose bodyfat..but has a real horrible recovery rate ( overtraining comes quick ). You are looking at a person who is not that strong, cardiovascular is weak, and bodyfat around 25%.


Uh...get in better shape? How long have you been training? What does your training currently look like.


Yeah thats pretty vague. Take a little time and look around the site. Eventually the more you lift the better your going to recover as your body adapts to the stress your putting it through. Start slow. Make good dietary choices and do a little cardio on the days your not lifting.


I would recomend they lift weights and get some cardio vascular exercise 3-4 times a week and also that they need to start chosing healthy foods.

Sounds like you just discribed an average american: Out of shape, inactive, and eating crap. Work on the last two and it will take care of the first.


A routine like this should gradually increase your cardiovascular endurance, and overall physique.

I suggest Full Body routines...

Cardio during Weeks 1-4 should be two 30 minute sessions of light to moderate intensity.

Cardio during Weeks 5-7 should be three 30 minute sessions of moderate cardio, try and hit your Target Heart Rate during these sessions.

Week 1-2: 2 Workouts a week sets reps (3x12-15)
Weeks 3-5: 3 Workouts a week (3x12-15)
Weeks 6-7: 3 Workouts a week (3x8-10)

After this point I would give yourself variation, try for a split routine, maybe even get into some Olympic Lifts.


thanks guys...aprreciate it


Just take it bit slow the first month. Lift4Life's stuff looks good - you could even drop to 2x12 if you feel you have to . I also really like epsom salt baths when I'm sore, which aren't mentioned very often here. The cardio will help with soreness as well.