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Recommendations for Next Blast with Test/Deca/Primo/EQ/HGH/Peptides?

I’m normally on 200mg Test E weekly TRT.

The plan is to bulk for 12 weeks and run:

  • 500mg or 750mg Test E
  • 300mg Deca
  • 600mg Primo
  • 600mg EQ
  • 2x 2iu HGH daily
  • 4 or 6 weeks on 50/100mg anavar

Supplements in-house:

  • Aromasin (12.5mg)
  • Caber
  • T4 (50mg) (for HGH lethargy)

Unlimited free peptides in-house:

  • GHRP 6
  • GHRP 2
  • Ipamorelin
  • HGH Frag (176-191)
  • IGF1 LR3

Actually, I’m fairly happy with the choice of the 4 injectables. I’m completely new to peptides, as I’ve never ran anything other than HGH before.

Other things in-house, but not planning to use:

  • Proviron
  • Trenbolone
  • Winstrol
  • Nolvadex
  • Tudca

Important limitations:

  • I quickly suffer from lethargy, so dianabol is not an option.
  • I need a good sleep (7/8/9 hours) for my work, so no tren.
  • I don’t have a good appetite on some substances.
  • Last time I ran EQ, my RBC was a bit higher than unusual last time.

I would like to keep a good mood, so no lethargy, desire to murder people, lack of sleep, ability to eat, low side effects would be important.

I’m especially unsure which peptides I should run and how they interact. Obviously I can’t run everything at the same time!

Please assume that money is not a big limitation and tips would be welcome! Spending <$1000 monthly would be OK.

I’m probably going back to TRT after the cycle and jump straight into cutting, so just with:

  • 200mg Test E weekly
  • 2x 2iu HGH daily
  • Some of the peptides to burn fat

I would like to receive some tips! Like, what should I be careful with. What should I change?

It would easier to list the drugs you’re not taking. Two of the four choices are very long esters for a fairly short cycle. Switch the deca for NPP if you’re itching to run nandrolone. Honestly you can skip the EQ entirely. If you can’t bulk on test/nand/primo then you may actually be dead. Because that combo, especially in the doses you listed, should be more than enough.

As far as peptides, it’s hard to see why you’d need them if you’re taking two 2iu doses of actual growth a day. Perhaps do your GH at night (to stave off the daytime lethargy) and do the Ipamorelin at 100mcg upon waking and then again in the afternoon? If appetite is an issue then GHRP-2 will fix that right away.

If you take all 4 iu at night, you’ll sleep great and wont have the sleepiness from daytime HGH. BTW, 4 iu isnt a bulking dose for HGH, it a fat burning dose.

Agreed. Extra peptides aren’t going to do shit compared to real HGH. The best plan is to mimic your natural GH release which happens in deep sleep.

What about feeling lethargic on test E teen e and proviron?

It would be better if you post your questions in the thread you started instead of bringing many threads back from the dead. Especially if they’re not directly on the same topic or referred to. Know that many of the posters from old threads aren’t active anymore (in this case both who answered are). Your questions are better off there.