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Recommendations For Light Cycle


i wont consider doing any "light" cycle until i know more about it.


Try stacking some chicken with some beef. Brown rice for PCT.


Having said that how do you suppose a "cycle" is going to help? Eat, train sleep. And if your drinking too much, cut it out. Put half an effort into life, you'll be delighted with the results.


i would never try anything unless it was something that worked and didn't screw anybody else up.


For a Light Cycle I'd go with:

1 Roll of Duct Tape
6 AA Batteries
6 LED (color mixed)
6' Speaker Wire

Place the batteries at the inner most core of the rim, wrapping the wire around the spokes reaching to the outer portion of the rim, there connecting the LEDs, and using the Duct-Tape as required to keep all items in place.

With this Handy-Dandy Light-Cycle, YOU TOO could be the talk of the town while you ride here and there, drinking water from your favorite empty alcoholic container, and inspiring your biology to actually require nurtrients.

Who knows, maybe after spending some real quality time with your new "Jedi Cycle", you may garner enough motivation to hit the gym in search of your natural peak, and then require those magical things called "Steroids".



Oh..That is awesome dude.

6' and 160 drinker. Sounds like food and cutting the booze would be a good start.


Dude im dyin over here, props to you for the funniest shit ever, lol!!



He's going to be a nice addition to the boys around here.