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Recommendations For Joint Care


Do any of you have any recommendations on a good Glucosamine or other supplement for joint care?

I have always been a big guy, and have always played sports and stuff. I spent alot of my time in Jr High at the skate park on my inline skates, plus baseball, basketball, soccer all through elementary. I will just say I have been rough on my joints, most worried about my knees.

I would just like to preserve the cartilidge I have left before I actually have a problem.


Yes try a glucosamine, chondrotin, and Id say MSM combo. Also fish oils, like Flameout, efa's in general and getting all you fats and a solid diet.


Awesome, ill look into that. Do you have any product recommendations?


BULK at costco/sams club


hyaluronic acid is a new one that's working really well for me. It increases your production of synovial fluid in the joint capsule - more cushioning, and a better environment for your cartilage to live in.


Cool, thanks guys.


And enteric-coated bromelain, or other protein digesting enzymes, if you can find them. The studies showing that this works had tested enteric-coated enzymes, as I think they'd otherwise be used up in the stomach.


thanks for the advice guys, i picked up some Knox combo w/ glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM