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Recommendations for Good Testosterone Doctor in Australia?

Hey! I’m hoping someone can recommend a doc I can see in Australia for trt.

Anyone out there?

Zentner is good and will likely prescribe you TRT if your levels are low and have low T symptoms. Just be prepared to pay a lot - it’s $170 per phone consultation which lasts around 10mins.

Were you able to make a phone appointment as a new patient? i tried to and the receptionist was very rude at the Chatswood centre.

I was also wondering if it was as easy as calling his clinic?
Did you have any success in getting an appointment?
I’m in a shit spot with my unsupportive Endo here locally

Is he easy to get in contact with?
I am in Melbourne and see he is in WA.
The only contact number is for the clinic he works at so I wasn’t sure if he had an email to get in touch with direct.
I’m at my wits end dealing with an unsupportive Endo

@insideoutside works once a month in Melbourne, I did a phone appointment with him (im in nsw, he also works in sydney) he was great to deal with.

His Melbourne number is 0395282077 Elsternwick medical centre and goes there every couple of months. Im looking to see him myself. He is listed on google search and other details of practices elsewhere, however Perth is his base. Ive just missed him in Brisbane so thinking of appt in Sydney and fly down there. See how you go, all the best.