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Recommendations for Good Testosterone Doctor in Australia?


Hey! I’m hoping someone can recommend a doc I can see in Australia for trt. My gp refered me to an endocrinologist last year when showing low levels within the normal range.

Endo was willing to try me with trt. It went well, I felt great but had to stop after having some issues. I went for a second opinion from another endo who was even worse!

I’m considering seeing Dr Adrian Zentner when he comes to Melbourne, but keen to hear if anyone has any recommendations first. I’m based in Tasmania so if I travel interstate I want to make sure I’m going to see a good doctor. The ones we have in Tassie simply aren’t specialists in male hormones and my happiness and well-being are important to me.


Anyone out there?


Zentner is good and will likely prescribe you TRT if your levels are low and have low T symptoms. Just be prepared to pay a lot - it’s $170 per phone consultation which lasts around 10mins.