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Recommendations for Fitting Power Cleans into Greyskull Template?


The greyskull template I’m following is:

Workouts A
Press/bench (alternate) 5,5,5+
Pull-ups 2x8
Squats 5,5,5+

Workout B
Rows 2x8
Deadlifts 5+

Workout C
Pull ups

Day 4 conditioning

I want to incorporate power cleans to build power, how should I include them? I was thinking of adding clean singles on each training day (the greyskull book recommends singles for them).

My goal is strength. Thanks.


One option would be to do front squats instead of back squats on Friday and just adding power cleans as assistance work if you want to do more sets. Or you could do something like 3 singles on Monday and Friday since one set of deadlifts won’t fuck you up too bad.


For your conditioning day, do a 10 minute EMOM workout with power clean triples.


Good idea. What I’m probably going to do is do cleans and curls on day B and cleans and pull-ups in day C


Apparently not a good enough idea, haha. Good luck with your training.


That’s on conditioning days (day 4), I can still do singled on the strength training sessions. I know that you do strongman competitions, and that’s where I’d like to be. This 10k (6.2 mile) road race this past weekend was the final nail in the coffin for my distance running aspirations, I just not motivated to run. But but strongman does interest me a lot.


If your goal is strongman, I honestly wouldn’t run greyskull. You need strength in a variety of rep ranges, and more conditioning/event work. Something like wesiste barbell for skinny bastards wouldn’t be a bad off the shelf program. Kalle Beck also has a free 12 week program on startingstrongman, and there is also the Cube Method for strongman.


I’ve been doing greyskull for about 2 months, should I stick with that a little longer in the or go straight to one of the program’s you mentioned?


If my goal was to be a strongman, I would train as one does. Ultimately you have to do what is right for you.