Recommendations for Books on Islam

I’m a Christian (Episcopalian) trying to learn more about Islam. Can anyone recommend some good books, aside from the key Islamic texts themselves? I’m looking for books that neither sugar-coat the more troubling aspects of the faith nor demonize it, but treat it in as objective a fashion as possible. I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson

Richardson has several other books that are very helpful on Islamic topics especially with respect to Christian Eschatology.

Lots of great video series here:

I’m Muslim, you can ask me some stuff if you’d like

The Sealed Nectar published by Darussalam

From my memory I’d say the author tried to justify stuff without sugarcoating. He’s Muslim and you’ll probably notice a bias if you read it. His attempts at justification annoyed me a little, that’s the only negative thing I remember about the book.