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Recommendations for Best & "Purest" Protein Powder?

Hey, all:

My diet is changing to be more of an ovo-lacto-vegetarian variety, for ethical reasons, and as such, my protein sources are changing. I’m working on a diet and meal plan right now, but seems a significant portion of calories and protein intake will be coming from dairy protein powder sources.

Thank you all, and wishing you all well.


Since this is a Biotest site, a Biotest product is most likely what you will be recommended.

Ironmind sells “Just Protein”, which has 4 ingredients: alcium caseinate (milk protein); instant non-fat dry milk; whole egg powder; natural vanilla-almond flavor.

Otherwise, if it doesn’t have to be a powder, and can just be a supplement, I’ve been using drinkable egg whites from egg whites international, and they’ve been very effective.