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Recommendations for Ab Work?

Im already set for Cardio, im going to be doing HIIT Training. - 1 Min Walk… 1Min Sprint… for 20 mins atleast 2-3 times a week. What would you guys suggest as far as Ab workouts? Im going to be doing Abs 2-3 times a week as well. Any changes?

Depends on the rest of your training. What does your training plan look like - days, exercises, sets, and reps?

There are tons of great exercises for abs. I personally like grabbing a rope like you use for tricep extensions and hooking it up to the lat pull down tower or cable cross machine and doing standing crunches against it. As corny as it sounds, the ab wheel or a generic knockoff will do a lot. There’s also crunches on the bench while holding a weighted barbell for resistance, setting a kettle bell on your stomache and pushing it out with just abs, holding a dumbbell with one hand and doing standing oblique crunches, hanging leg raises, etc ad nauseum. Really depends on what you like and what your goals are.


I dont think I have ever heard of that one!

Got it from George Leeman. Actually a good way to teach engaging your lifting belt. Short term, I may have gotten more out of that for squatting than I did squatting.

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FYI the poster is male 29, 5-9. 131lbs… I repeat 5-9 131lbs asking about ab work.


bro, don’t pretend you don’t like to rock those shredded abs.

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Really can’t go wrong with an wheel roll outs…

And I’m out.

Yeah if 131lbs you’re wasting your time. Do 2moves once a week, thats it, for abs. Cardio just do one session also. All your focus should be on heavy compound moves until say, 150 minimum

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