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Recommendations for a Powerlifting Diet Coach?


I already have a programming coach. I’m looking to hire someone to help with nutrition and supplementation.


My local gym has some great coaches, NBS Fitness ( googles it ), Lots of good stuff about Renaissance Periodization and Amit a well.


Jordan Feigenbaum


Dude are you in Memphis? There’s an NBS fitness here


They also sell “auto-templates” for diet, as well as training.

It seems to me that nutrition for powerlifting is pretty simple, especially if you are the kind of person who is willing to measure/weigh everything you eat. Lose weight = less calories, gain weight = more calories, maintain = same calories, adjust slightly if you have significant changes in training volume.


Yes sir.


Damn, that’s crazy. I actually met that guy when NBS fitness was still just a class he taught at the Germantown center


Yeah. I’ve been here since shortly after he opened it. Was actually a
roommate of mine and I was in his wedding.


Basically this. It’s largely true for ALL goals but yes, for powerlifting it’s pretty simple.

Right now i’ve had too much ice cream and pizza so I’m nice and fluffy. ( I say right now but I mean for the past 5 months, hahah )


Hire Amit Sapir @amitsapir