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Recommendations for a Power Tower

I can’t get one of those doorway chin up bars because I’m afraid I’ll damage my rental apartment. So I need to order a Power Tower for my living room so I can do dips and chins. I’ve never tried one before and can’t tell from these Amazon descriptions which one would be good. Any hints on what to look for in a model or recommendations for a specific model would be appreciated! I’m 6’, 190lbs.

I bought mine from Dick’s Sporting Goods as soon as the gyms closed. Glad I did. This is the one I got and, of course, they are now out of stock.


That said, I highly recommend it for the price. I never lived in a place I felt could handle a doorway chinup bar, and am thrilled to FINALLY be able to do pullups and chins (and dips) at will.

I have one of these, I bought off marketplace Before the pandemic for $20

It’s sturdy enough.

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Thanks guys I’ll see if I can find similar models. For dips do you find the handles are thick enough to be reasonably comfortable? Sometimes thin handles give me a bit of carpal tunnel type pain in the wrists. Does it seem like fat gripz would fit over them?

I use Fat Gripz on the dip handles for exactly that reason - and the fact that they start to feel as if they are cutting into your palm if you are doing lots of reps. No issues on the chinup/pullup bar, though.

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If you live with a woman (not your mom), get one you can do a Captain’s Chair on.

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Thought this guide might be useful to you.

Thanks anyway, I decided to just get a power rack.