Recommendations for a 2A for a Strength and Size Program

Hi Coach,

I’m a 2A intermediate lifter. I’m looking for a good strength and size program that also offers variety. I admit I am a program hopper. Ideally want a 5 day a week program and no less than 4. I’m too ancy to get back in the gym if it’s any less. However I have a tendency to just go balls to the wall all the time and burn myself out before I ever see any progress. Whether it’s a free program that’s already written on one on your Thibarmy site I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you

Which ones have you read and eliminated? SGSS, The Power Look Program, Built for Battle, Built for Bad, Zombie Apocalypse for Hypertrophy, Indigo programs, Athlete Lean/Athlete Strong,…

That was exactly the suggestions I was looking for. I have read all of those at one time or another but haven’t tried any of them. Thank you!

While you are welcome, if you’ve read them, then I don’t understand why you didn’t go back and have a look at them yourself before asking for help.

Even if you hadn’t read them, it would have been courteous to find his programs first on your own and then — as an intermediate — ranking them in relation to your goals and needs should have been easy.