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Recommendation on Surge+Creatine Useage

I decided to use Surge Recovery and Creatine as part of my workout. Any thoughts as to how/when I should use them?

For Surge, I’m thinking of drinking 1/2 of serving during workout and 1/2 postwork with some fruits(to get carbs). Then 1hour later, eat a 2:1 carb protein meal.

For Creatine, is it best to drink it 30mins before workout along with a pre-workout meal?

Thanks and cheers in advance

Read up on para-workout nutrition in Christian Thibaudeau’s forum. There is some relatively new science in regards to carbs around workouts.

Concerning the how about creatine: If you want to take it preworkout (with the idea that the elevated blood flow to the muscles during workout gives it most chance of being efficiently delivered to the muscles) don’t forget to completely dissolve it with half a litre of water. Else it can actually pull away the water from the muscles, which is the adverse effect of what you hope to realize with taking creatine.

And don’t premix your creatine too early if you use creatine monohydrate in powder form; it quickly becomes useless in water.

Read the labels. Creatine either in the morning or before workout has worked for me. Also throw some in your Surge post workout. Don’t worry about the creatine turning into creatinine, it takes hours to breakdown in plain water, I can’t get over how people think it happens in seconds. If that were the case it would never make it through the stomach.

Others think CEE and Kre Alkalyn are complete wastes of money, but for non-responders such as myself, they definitely make a difference. Weights go up a little with these and recovery is a little better, with mono I just get a stomach ache.

Well, in stomach acid creatine is relatively stable after a study of Tallon et al.
I’m still trying to find the exact study, but i definitely read it begins to break down after 45 minutes in water - it just actually takes 8 hours until it is completely broken down.
/update: found a study, the guy above me is right. It does relatively fast begin to degrade, but nearly as much as i had in mind.

The Biotest creatine label says to take it after a workout.So what’s the deal?

Thanks for all the reponse!

My Surge Recovery just came in today, and I’m planning to just do what the label says, which is 2 cups.

As for creatine, it has not come in yet.

I understand that Surge Recovery is a good post-workout drink. But can you tell me exactly what Surge does that makes it such a good post-workout drink?