Recommendation on Frequency and Dose?

I just had my blood tests go back to the trt doc.
From what he said on the phone that my ranges for TT was 18 range 10~31 (has gone up 5 points) estriadol is 9 range 10~40 and shbg come in at 26 range10~50

I’ll get the rest of the blood reports emailed when the doc gets around to it.
I have been prescribed 250mg of enanthate every 10 days and 1500 imu hcg e7d.

Are there any other trt’s that have similar readings? And have some advice on where to start with the prescribed amount.

I was thinking 80mg e5d and 300iu hcg e3d
Another concern is fertility I have one in the oven due in a month and I am hoping to try for another in a year.

Thanks to all the responders out there I have learnt so much in such little time.

I think 80mg is a little low, but you can always go up. Is the hCG for fertility?

You need to inject EOD or twice weekly because TRT will decrease your SHBG, you need 30mg EOD or 60mg twice weekly. When the time comes for children, if HCG doesn’t get the job done add FSH injections.

Are you taking an AI? An estrogen of 9 (10-40) seems low for 250mg of T. Just curious

I have asked the doc for hcg for fertility purposes but from what I gathered he thinks that hcg is only to stop the balls from shrinking.

Okay so I should try and use the 250mg that I have been prescribed and split it into 4 injections over the 2 weeks to start. One problem In Australia is that he can’t prescribe more than 250mg in 2 weeks so I’m maxed out already.

No AI is prescribed as e2 was low to begin with.

I have not started trt yet, these tests were pre trt

If you have 250mg every 2 weeks to work with then try 125mg/week split into 2 shots per week. Give yourself enough time to know if it’s working. Get blood work done at 6 weeks. Look at that and how you feel and go from there. That’s basically the protocol you stated you were going to do anyway.

Okay ill go with 125mg x2 injections per week. What are peoples thoughts on hcg, do it from the start or use when we plan on trying for kids

Here are the bloods that the doc took, I made a misunderstanding on the ranges he told me in original post

Also 29 years old 6 foot and 240 pounds if this also helps