Recommendation for Replacing Thursday Upper Body Medicine Ball Work?

I don’t have access to a medicine ball, so what would be a good alternative to Medicine Ball Chest Throw Against Wall on thursday’s upper body workout?
I already have plyometric push-ups on tuesday’s workout, should I just use those again? Another idea was to just hang cleans, but those are already scheduled for Friday’s lower body workout.

For what it’s worth when i did this program and couldn’t do some of the movements for that complex on the tuesdays I took a landmine bar, loaded it with 10-15kgs and did:

1 arm row x 12 reps (both sides)
Kneeling 1 arm explosive shoulder press x12 reps (both sides)
Standing ‘rotated’ press x12 reps (both sides - this in my eyes used a bit more chest than the previous)
Landmine woodchop x10 reps each side

That gassed me hard, maybe wasn’t in the same spirit as what CT intended but for me it seemed to work very well.


Light power jerks, plio push-ups again, push-ups with elastic band wrapped around your back. Explosive DB press… just pick an pressing exercise done super fast

Thanks, I was just writing out the program for this coming week in my log book.