Recommendation for a New Program?

I just finished doing a high volume 4 week block of training. It consisted of 4 sets of 12-14 reps for upper body and 3 sets of 12-14 for lower and large compound movements.

I find my body responds well to high volume, however want to change up my workout so I don’t stagnate. What would be a different rep/set scheme that would have similar volume but use different rep ranges? Or should I do a 4 week chunk of heavier weights and lower reps after being in such high rep ranges for the past month?

So you are seeing progress with the way you are training, but you want to change it?

In my opinion 4 weeks isn’t long enough to see significant progress in ANYTHING except maybe losing some bodyfat.

You need to stick with something long enough to see results. Why would you be afraid of “stagnation” after only 4 weeks?

Same volume?

4x12 = 48
3x12 = 36]

so, 8x6, 6x8
or, 6x6, 4x8, 8x4

easy, but…

I agree with mr Pop, i dont see if i get any gains off a 4 weeker, i gotta stick for 7-9 weeks.
However you can adapt in 4 weeks, so increase the weights a little and work in a lower rep range and change your split - those will allow you to not “stagnate” but continue with the same REWARDING workout.